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Literature review on crime

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LITERATURE REVIEW * According to Michael Haralambos and Martin Holborn, authors of Sociology: Themes and Perspectives, they noted the issue of crime in urban areas. "It has long been recognized that some areas of towns or cities have higher levels of reported crime and deviance than others. While some neighborhoods are quite safe, in others 'walking the streets at night' could be perilous as official statistics show that crime is concentrated mainly in urban areas. Much more attention has been given in recent years to ways of preventing crime. ...read more.


Further influence caused by decreased government revenue within the country and Reduced quality of life with a drop in the standard of living for the citizens due to high inflation rates and this new global recession . In A Society Under Seige written by Ramesh Deosaran, the following quote was taken. "Law and order must rest on the wider framework of political accountability, judicial accountability and public morality if the issue of crime should be corrected." This I believe is true since the government are taking no serious initiatives to reduce crime within this country but only spending excessively on Infrastructure and other issues which are not pertinent for the development of the country. ...read more.


As of January 26, 2009, 42 murders were recorded. Regarding inflation, T&T scored at 96 out of the 134 economies polled. Below are the responses for the most problematic factors for doing business in T&T in six other areas: * Inflation-15.3 per cent * Poor work ethic in national labour force-14.7 per cent * Corruption-13.2 per cent * Inefficient government bureaucracy-11.0 per cent * Inadequate supply of infrastructure-5.7 per cent * Inadequately educated workforce-5.1 per cent "In Trinidad I don't think there is the sense that they had a good police department that suddenly went bad," Snipes says. "The police service has always been challenged. Certain changes in societal conditions, coupled with ineffective police action, have spurred rising crime rates." ...read more.

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