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Many people do think that much of the crime that is committed in society are committed by the ethnic minorities, but why is this?

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Context Many people do think that much of the crime that is committed in society are committed by the ethnic minorities, but why is this? The metropolitan police say that 'rates of crime committed by the blacks are below that of the white percentage, Asian crime is well below.' This supports my aim stated in my rationale as it states that the ethnic minorities do not commit the majority of crime so any ideas of the public would have to come from somewhere. In 'the myth of black criminality' by Paul Gilroy and Stuart Hall they argue that there is an over representation of black crime in the media compared to the national statistics. This means that there is a racist tendency by the media to over represent blacks. ...read more.


This approach agrees that there is an over representation in the media towards groups, this is relevant to my aim and does offer an explanation for ethnic crime. Marx argued that society has two classes: the exploited working class, or proletariat and the exploiters and owners of the means of production called the bourgeoisie. He said that working class would eventually revolt against the middle class. In the past there were slave owners and slaves, and racism served as a means to overpower the exploited class. Gilroy argues that if any crime is committed by black people it is to fight back at a white society that had them in slavery. This explains a possible reason for crime the committed by blacks. Gilroy believes that in British society the ethnic minorities are becoming surplus labour and are therefore being used as scapegoats for the problems in the rest of society. ...read more.


This shows that whites are more likely to be jailed for their crimes if they are committing more serious crimes, which relates to my rationale as it explains a potential flaw in my research method. Hartman and Husband say that in areas without a very mixed population people tend to acquire their knowledge about ethnic minorities through the media. Due to the racist position of much of the media many of these areas are racist due to their exposure to these images. The kind of racism that the public are being exposed to has been named 'new racism', here the media points out that these people are from a different culture and therefore a threat to our own although most races share our ideals and ethics. This relates to my rationale as it explains the type of racism that I am likely to find while exploring my aim. ...read more.

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