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Mary Tyler Moore and Feminism

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´╗┐Running head: VISIONS OF AMERICA The Feminist Movement ________________ I was too young to watch the original airing of The Mary Tyler Moore Show but I certainly enjoyed watching it in syndication during the 80s. It was one of my favorite shows and I wanted to have the same exact life that Mary Tyler Moore did. She was independent, stylish and smart with the perfect job. I actually based my early career goals on journalism and chose it as my major during my round of college. It is one of those shows that had an impact on me personally and it is a great representation of the second wave of feminism and a new era for women during that time. ...read more.


Mary ?finds a job as Associate Producer of the evening news and, as a result, finds herself in a position of some power. The following seven years followed Mary Richards through various aspects of being a woman at work at a time America was experiencing significant social change regarding women?s roles (Jule, 2010). Previously, shows did not portray successful woman like Mary Richards even though it aired during the second wave of feminism. (Museum TV, n.d.) This show created a ?symbol of an emerging feminist consciousness, one who maintains a connection in traditional femininity as well as searches for new, more self-reliant ways to be in the business world? (Jule, 2010). ...read more.


But Mary was an independent, liberated woman of her times and ?though Mary Richards was not a paragon of feminism, the show is an important artifact of the time period in which some of the ideas of feminism were becoming truly mainstream. Its mere presence on air signaled an important shift in acceptable roles for women? (Horowitz, n.d.). It now serves as a peek back in time when woman?s roles in both family and the workplace really started to change. Woman could live independent lives and be on equal playing grounds with men and attain similar if not the same level of success. Maybe because this show was viewed by so many people, both men and women, it created a new understanding of the movement and actually moved it forward. ...read more.

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