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AS and A Level: Media

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  1. The Media is the most effective agency of socialisation. Discuss.

    Also adolescents are very influenced by the media, media has become there subculture- pop culture (e.g. movies, music and TV) to have watches the latest film, to heard the latest song is a sensational thing. The internet has become a very important part of teenage life. This is due to chat rooms, email, and web pages. The media is effective for a good reason because some cartoons are educational. An example of this is a cartoon called 'Dora the Explorer'; this cartoon teaches children how to talk in Spanish.

    • Word count: 766
  2. Is V a terrorist or a Revolutionary?

    How does V relate to the historical revolutionary Guy Fawkes, in which V was trying to portray with his mask in the first place? The definition of a terrorist/terrorism is politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, according to the U.S Law. People who argue that V is a terrorist would say that V fits that criteria and that he is indeed inflicting terror and violence against civilians.

    • Word count: 484
  3. Music vs. Culture

    All of them have once written about some kind of empowerment and about love. The song I am leaving behind is "No Pain, No Gain" by Betty Wright. Betty Wright was born December 21, 1953, born and raised in Miami, FL. She is a soul and R & B singer who influenced a generation of female singers and songwriters. She released her first album at the age of 15. Since then, she has released 15 albums. In 1988 she made music history by being the first woman to have a gold record on her own label, with the release of Mother Wit.

    • Word count: 935
  4. Gender Represenation in Gossip Girl

    This is a stereotype used throughout soaps and life. Although stereotypes make characters easier to relate to they do take away some of the realism because they tend to be over exaggerated. Stereotypes are frequently used as a way of creating easily identifiable characters. They do not tend to create a bad representation of people. For example Peggy in Eastenders is a stereotypical busty, blond and a loud landlady but she is not seen in a bad light in fact the opposite as she is seen as a strong woman able to cope with anything life throws at her.

    • Word count: 788
  5. Sociology Induction Essay

    Also, looking at knife crime from a more macro perspective, it could be said that increase in crime costs our society economically (the government paying to keep them in overcrowded jails) and culturally (creating a negative image to other countries/societies and harmful stereotypes). According to a recent study by the youth justice board, relative poverty among young people has caused many to resort to violent crime in order to get the things they covet (iPods and mobile phones)

    • Word count: 561
  6. assess sociological views of socialisation

    Secondary socialisation comes after primary socialisation and builds on it. It's carried out by various institutions. The most important are education, peer groups, religion, mass media and workplace. The education system aims to pass on knowledge and skills such as reading and numeracy. Learning these skills is a part of socialisation, but sociologists suggest that education socialises individuals in other ways as well. Functionalists, like Durkheim, believe that school promotes consensus by teaching norms and values. They also say children learn to value belonging to a larger group through things like school uniform and assembly.

    • Word count: 903
  7. Explain and briefly evaluate why high culture is seen as superior to low culture.

    Shakespeare, opera, sophisticated restaurants and arty French films are the type of things that are associated with "high culture". Meanwhile, the masses enjoy low culture - e.g. soap opera, reality TV, musicals, fast food and Hollywood films. High culture is generally considered more difficult to appreciate and the audience is seen as educated and having "good taste". Aspects of high culture as seen as good for society, though they don't make much money compared to a lot of low culture, so the government often subsidises them. In recent years a lot of funding for high culture has come from a low culture source - the National Lottery.

    • Word count: 828
  8. Free essay

    Different Types of Culture

    Figure 2: Ballet (elite) Cultural Diversity - is a concept relating to culturally embedded differences within society, it's the fact that different cultures exist alongside each other E.g. lesbians, chavs etc. Thereby it is any group that has something in common. Subculture - is culture enjoyed by a small group within society.

    • Word count: 372
  9. The recent rise in support for religious sects comes mainly from an increased desire to reject mainstream values. Evaluate this claim.

    They are generally more critical of the rest of society and expect members to stand apart from it. Contact with non members is generally discouraged except in an attempt to convert them. They are also very critical of mainstream religious bodies who they regard as too worldly. They make an effort to distance themselves from them. Most sects move to the outskirts of society where they can create their own communities. This gives them the fear factor where outsiders become fearful of their ways. Sects usually aim to change the morals and values of society through any means possible.

    • Word count: 639
  10. Assess the view that cults and sects are inevitably short-lived and of little influence in contemporary society.

    As a result they are unlikely to show the same enthusiasm and commitment as their parents. They are less likely to make compromises and be less critical of the wider society. The loss of a leader can spell the end for a sect. For example the Branch Dravidians leader David Koresh and several of his followers committed suicide when they were attacked by the FBI. After this happened, the sect ended. Unconventional lifestyles can destroy themselves and be destroyed by society, for example, the Jim Jones People's Temple were the actions in Jonestown were viewed as a mass-suicide it is one of the largest such mass suicides in history.

    • Word count: 815
  11. is mass culture debasing the culture of ordinary people

    This 'mass culture', I believe could destroy and make an 'ordinary culture' into extinction through too much influence of "babble" and consumer products on television. Although you could ask what is ordinary and normal? Normal does not have a clear definition; as no one is completely normal, but ordinary seems to be defined as routine or customary, so an 'ordinary culture' is considered the norm way of living. So what is mass culture? An extra- ordinary way people live, or is it a negative perception of some people's choice of life?

    • Word count: 900
  12. Marketisation of education

    Another policy that is still in place is league tables and the notion of parental choice. I think in theory it is a successful concept however middle class parents are more likely to get their children into the best school leaving less choice for working class kids. In addition, the league tables do encourage marketization between schools but it may cause people not to be entered for exams if they are predicted low grades. I think this undermines the Marxist view as they are taking away the chance for the student to get qualifications even if they are poor and so most of the time replicates the same class boundaries as previous generations.

    • Word count: 909
  13. Assess the view that sociology can and should be seen as a science

    In sociology it is difficult to get a wrong or right answer, as the experiment cannot often be redone as the variables can not be controlled, were as laboratory experiments can be redone as many times as it's needed. Durkheim argued that social facts, customs, beliefs systems and social institutions should be considered things. Durkheim also claimed to have discovered cause and effect relationships between social facts. Durkheim also found correlations between suicide rates and social facts. Comte, who invented the term sociology, argued that sociology should be based on the methodology of the natural sciences.

    • Word count: 618
  14. Sociology Structural Theory and The Media

    Consensus theory attempts to explain why society gets along most of the time and why it does not descend into chaos. Consensus theorists use the human body as a way in which to help us understand consensus theory. They explain how all parts of the human body are linked and therefore contribute into the body working as a whole. So similarly society works on the same concept that all parts are linked and have their function. As society can be seen as structured there are important parts of it and one which has a major role is social institutions, one being the media.

    • Word count: 893
  15. Context childhood from different sources

    Postman also says, "The media help to define modern childhood and they are now the agents of its destruction". The adult world is now a place where children and adults are now sharing the same norms and values, therefore children are loosing their childhood and becoming little adults. Philippe Aries talks about how the children in medieval society were "Little Adults". Children had the same status as adults as there leisure and work times were they same. Children are 'little adults'. Aries argues that 'They are young humans between the ages of 7 and 15; they were not seen as children.

    • Word count: 859
  16. Methodolgy. I will be using a face to face questionnaire for my primary research because this will be the best method to find out whether children are growing up too fast.

    In my research I want to be objective so that I do not become involved with those who I am investigating because I may influence the answers which hey may give. Although my method does have potential problems such as participants giving socially desirable answers, it is still the most appropriate research method because it gives me quantitative data. I do not want qualitative data because I only want to spot trends about childhood and whether childhood is disappearing. I do not want to see reasons and feelings behind this.

    • Word count: 839
  17. In the popular media, white people are portrayed in many different ways. It seems that for the most part, white men are not often represented in an unfavorable ways.

    For the most part, white men are portrayed as good people in popular culture. Many of the criminals in television shows are portrayed by minority groups or people of color. Another example that comes to mind is in the show "The Shield," starring Michael Chiklis. In this show, a police narcotics strike team consists of four white males. They are constantly dealing with criminals who are of a minority group. They deal with gangs of African-Americans and Mexican-Americans. This seems to portray white men as perhaps less likely to be on the criminal side of the law.

    • Word count: 616
  18. In resent years in education, family life and in the work place, society has become much less sexist. Are these changes in society shown in todays media?

    (Tuchman, 1978). When women are seen in an important carer they still are not as well paid or well looked after as a man in the exact same carer. Ferguson's content analysis of women's magazines (1970s, 1980s)

    • Word count: 417
  19. Stereotypes - As Seen on TV

    the media in the same way that "Mammy" from Gone with the Wind became America's idea of the black woman for generations (227). How women are portrayed in the media disgusts me, especially in the hip-hop culture. When you watch today's hip-hop music videos, all you see is scantily clad women flaunting their goodies and behaving in a way that degrades them.

    • Word count: 579
  20. Compare the representations of Women in the Action Hero films James Bond and Tomb Raider

    'Tomb Raider' does challenge this however as the main character is female, but we are hardly ever shown another woman in a powerful role or position. All of these actions that are shown to the audience may lead them to believe that women should be the only ones that are not in a powerful position, thus leading their views of women in society to be changed. Yet another issue raised among the three films is that of how women are treated.

    • Word count: 994
  21. women in media

    When we see world history then we come to know that women have served key positions in the high political offices. In western countries like Britain, USA the attitudes have definitely changed regarding women's leadership positions. In Britain, for example, a woman has held the highest office of Prime Minister as well. These Western countries not only themselves are undergoing change but they are also heavily influencing the lifestyle and work related attitude of women in developing nations. Women became heads of states and political parties in third world countries like India, Pakistan, and Srilanka, Nepal etc.

    • Word count: 964
  22. Case Study (Tom Cruise)

    Can Tom Cruise do anything right anymore? The Rise of Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was born into a middle class family, his parents got divorced when he was very young. He went to live with an Aunt whilst his mother set up home for his brothers and sisters and him. Soon after moving in with his aunt, his mother had met someone and they had set up home together. His mother got married when Tom was slightly older and his family moved again. After a quick stint at a church school wanting to become a Monk, Tom went to New York and started out on broadway.

    • Word count: 557
  23. Censorship in 21st century

    In discussing how children and young adults are being effected by this media, they have been considered susceptible to the harmful media of cinema and radio that contains violence, pornography and improper language, creating a moral panic proving that every ounce of child life has been corrupted, making these kids less innocent than they appeared to be before this media was aired. A strong influence would be through music and how it has encouraged young kids to take drugs and create violence.

    • Word count: 930
  24. In what ways did the British Government attempt to hide the effect of the Blitz from the people of Britain

    One of the most significant and successful methods of censorship was the use of the radio. Many people had radios. It broadcasted happy and patriotic songs to keep up the morale. Demoralizing information was censored and statistics were exaggerated to their advantage. A good example of the need for censorship is the Bethnal Green Tube station incident where 173 people suffocated because a woman fell over. They censored information similar to this because they didn't want people to stop using shelters and people dying, if they died trying to reach safety, they might feel nowhere is safe and it would lower morale.

    • Word count: 604
  25. Assess the view that the mass media perpetuates stereotypes of ethnic minorities

    and Van Dijk (1991). I think both of these studies are relevant today, although not all of their findings are relevant in today's TV but they are in different types of the media. Alvarado believed that when ethnic minorities are stereotyped in the media, that they were seen part of categories; these four categories are the pitied, humorous, exotic and dangerous. I will now explain some information on each category- * Pitied- Alvarado argues that ethnic minorities are stereotyped as victims. This is because in the media, usually the news, we hear and see pictures and stories about natural disasters that ethnic minorities have lost their family, friends, homes and belongings to.

    • Word count: 716

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  • Assess the pluralists view on media ownership

    "In conclusion its fair to say that both Pluralism and Marxism share a great deal of similar interests as they both contain issues of power and distribution, but where Marxists believe that there are the bourgeoisies controlling the working classes, Pluralists argue that everyone has a say in the media and that power is equal amongst all of us. Furthermore with this in mind Pluralists believe that the media does not represent the view of one person but in fact represents the views of many and has a diversity of messages from different medias. But again there is a fault in this as in America it was reported that there should be over 2,500 different media sources yet in fact there are only 10, therefore proving that there are 10 major companies [bourgeoisies]owning a variety of smaller [proletariat]businesses. Time spent writing: 23 minutes Preparation time 10 minutes Stephen Hooper"

  • Ireland has a long history of censorship but this has been employed for different reasons in different periods. Compare the political and cultural motivations behind two different periods of censorship since 1922.

    "Conclusion This essay argues that the main motivation behind the 1929 censorship was the Church while the censorship during the Emergency was driven by political motivations. Other motivations such as nationalism and anti-communism were also responsible for censorship during these two periods, though to a lesser degree. It is obvious that the Church was not a protagonist during the Emergency as the Catholic Hierarchy were themselves censored. However, there were political motivations behind both periods of censorship and it is evident that the government's role became stronger as the church's role diminished."

  • Assess the view that the mass media perpetuates stereotypes of ethnic minorities

    "After I have looked at ball of the studies I have come to a conclusion of the question first asked, and I believe that stereotypes have been mainly carried on, but with some improvements. I believe that, now instead of just seeing negative stereotyping we are seeing more and more examples of positive stereotyping such as more positive/ high status roles in the media, we are seeing more black athletes and musicians and we also see more black presenters in the media. I strongly agree with Alvarado and his 4 categories. We still see these 4 categories in every day media; * Pitied- appears in the news * Humorous- appears in comedies (e.g. Bo-selcta, Kumar's at No42) * Dangerous- appears on the news (e.g. stories on terrorism and violence) * Exotic- appears in holiday shows. Although I also believe that improvement is needed amongst ethnic groups in the media."

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