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Mommy Wars. Working and stayathome moms are fighting it out over who is the better parent. Or, so you would think.

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´╗┐The Mommy Wars: Media Myth You go to the supermarket and as you are checking out you notice the magazines. One particular magazine catches your eye. On its glossy cover, it depicts a fight, a battle, even a war. There are two moms on the cover. One woman is in a suit, wielding a briefcase as her weapon and the other in jeans in a t-shirt holding a diaper bag. They both have children at their feet. The headline reads " The Mommy Wars Have Returned!" The Mommy wars have been around since about the Victorian age in one way or another. In 1853, Coventry Patmore wrote The Angel in the House, in which he rendered his wife as the model wife and mother (Roiphe). The quintessential mother is one who must sacrifice herself for her family (Roiphe). It was immediately successful, which caused the ?Model Mother? ideal to spread throughout society. It is believed by scholars that this was the so-called ?first shot? and that those ideals are the foundation of the Mommy Wars (Rophie). But, it was not until over 100 years later that the term ?Mommy Wars? was coined by Leslie Morgan Steiner in her book, Mommy Wars, in 1986. ...read more.


With each day, he will venture just a little bit farther knowing full well that his mother will always be there when he returns. She will always be there, every single time. Tammeus asks if one can say the same about the rotating group of women taking care of your child and others (Steiner 28). There are currently two main ideals of motherhood in today's modern world. There is the working ideal norm, where the mother works full time (Masters). The second ideal is the ?home mother?. The ideal home mother is able to mandate the children's and spend time with her children and family. Making the right choice for ones child is always the ultimate goal (Wallace.). Mothers have to make many hard decisions, however, working vs. staying at home is believed by many to be one of the biggest decision. It will decide the well being of her child (Masters). However, both choices hold judgment in its horizon. Both ideals are impossible to achieve. Even though many women seem to understand that achieving either or both ideals perfectly is impossible, they still feel guilty emotionally (Wallace.). If they work, they feel guilty about neglecting their children (Begala). If they stay at home, they feel guilty about not following their dreams and desires. ...read more.


Mothers should not give in to media or other moms who believe that her business is his/ her own (Black 58). There will always be a story in the news that upset a mother. There will also always be that mother who enjoys tearing apart another mom. These are just two examples of how Mommy Wars stay alive (Peskowitz). Mothers should do what they think is best. Every situation is different and mothers will figure out what is best for their child. It is no one else?s concern but each family?s own. Begala, Paul. "End The Mommy Wars!." Newsweek 159.20 (2012): 18. MAS Ultra - School Edition. Web. 1 Mar. 2013 Black, Carrie. Debunking the Mommy War Myth. Kernersville, NC: Alibaster, 2008. Print. Masters, Kim. "Working Vs. Staying Home: Why We Judge Other Moms...And How To Make Peace With Your Own Choice." Parenting 17.4 (2003): 130. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 1 Mar. 2013 Peskowitz, Miriam. The Truth behind the Mommy Wars: Who Decides What Makes a Good Mother? Emeryville, CA: Seal, 2005. Print. Roiphe, Katie. "The Truth About The Mommy Wars." Redbook 206.3 (2006): 154. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. Steiner, Leslie Morgan. Mommy Wars: Stay-at-home and Career Moms Face off on Their Choices, Their Lives, Their Families. New York: Random House, 2006. Print. Wallace, Catherine Miles. Selling Ourselves Short: Why We Struggle to Earn a Living and Have a Life. Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2003. Print ...read more.

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