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Multi-agency working

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Sociology Report Multi-agency working Contents 1. Cover page (pg1) 2. Introduction (pg2) 3. Section 1 ~ Agency outline (pg2) 4. Section 2 ~ Agenc y relationships (pg3) 5. Section 3 - Agency policies (pg3) 6. Section 4 - Every Child Matters (pg5) 7. Further Reading (pg7) Introduction This report will look into the role of two government agencies and how they work in relation to each other. The Agencies that I will focus on are; * Stockport Connexions * Stockport Youth Offending Team Section 1 - Agency outline Connexions is the young persons service which provides advice, information, guidance, support and personal development for all 13-19 year olds in Stockport. They state their mission statement as "Working with young people to enable a smoother transition from adolescence into adulthood through raising aspirations, listening and supporting, identifying gaps in services, advocating, and connecting up to services relevant to them. Involving young people in shaping and developing services including Connexions" The service seems to be working well in the Stockport area, helping people with education and their EMA payments seem to occupy much of the Connexions staff time and resources, but provide a walk-in service to those who are unsure how to tackle the miles of red tape laid down in obtaining help from the local authority. Stockport Youth Offending Team is made up of representatives from the police, Probation Service, social services, health, education, drugs and alcohol misuse and housing officers. Because the YOT incorporates representatives from a wide range of services, it can respond to the needs of young offenders in a comprehensive way. ...read more.


These procedures should reflect guidance set down by the local Area Child Protection Committee and should set out the steps that a Personal Adviser would need to take to bring the allegations to the attention of someone with the appropriate authority to take them forward, for example a school or LEA official with designated responsibility for child protection. Personal Advisers must follow these procedures when dealing with allegations of abuse. Open Relationships and Connexions Connexions highlights this policy as particularly important as it helps the advisor and young person develop an objective views of the situation and helps both work on ways to help the young person progress through whatever difficulties they may have. When a Personal Adviser starts working with a young person, they should clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Personal Advisers should explain their role, including how they can help address a young person's needs and how they will broker access to specialist services if required One of the key aims of the Personal Adviser role is to identify a young person's barriers to learning and to provide or facilitate a service which addresses these needs in a coherent way. In order to do this, it may be necessary to seek detailed information from the young person and to share this information with other agencies that are working with them. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, information can be shared with others as long as the young person has given their informed consent YOT & Child Protection YOT Teams, like Connexions, must undergo Child Protection training as part of their duties and then exorcise this training in their roles. ...read more.


for a child. * Common core of skills and knowledge - identifies the core skills and knowledge that should feature in the professional preparation of all those working with young people. What skills and knowledge people should have before working with the young. These relate to Communication, Child development, Safeguarding and promoting welfare and Sharing Information. * Integrated qualifications framework - transferable study units so that people can be working with young people can change their career. * Joint statement of inter-professional values - to identify a set of shared values working with Children and the young. The real impact on this within YOT and Connexions in the way both agencies have had to positively integrate with each other. The common assessment framework is just one method used, by giving professionals a generic method of assessing young people's needs and then using this with appropriate agencies. This is just one method that helps to promote information sharing and increase methods of communication. Further Reading A list of extended reading resources is listed below. * Connexions national home page ~ www.connexions-direct.com * Connexions Stockport Home page ~ http://www.connexions-stockport.com/ * Young people and Connexions ~ * Connexions and Youth Policy ~ * Stockport Council YOT Team ~ http://www.stockport.gov.uk/content/communitypeopleliving/commsafety/yot/?a=5441 * Local Criminal Justice Groups ~ http://s1.stockport.gov.uk/LCJG/yot.html * Cumbria County Council YOT and Child Protection ~ http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/news/2003/may/Cumbria-strengthens-Child-Protection-Team.asp * YOT Child Concern Guidance ~ * YOT Review of "Child E" ~ http://www.leedslscb.org.uk/professionals/executivesummaries/child_e.htm * Every Child Matters ~ http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/ * Every Child Matters & YOT ~ http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/youthjustice/yot/ * Every Child Matters & Connexions ~ http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/youthmatters/connexions/ ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Bennett 14/10/2008 Page 1 ...read more.

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