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Music vs. Culture

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Brittany Daye September 7, 2010 Sociology Musical Time Capsule Music has truly played a huge role in my life because it was there for me when no one else was. I grew up with both parents in my household but their relationship was far from perfect. I didn't have anyone to teach me about love and challenges in life because they were still learning themselves. One day I was listening to some of mom's cassettes and I came across Betty Wright and every song I heard talked about treating your companion good and never giving up on yourself. All of her songs were women empowered songs, teaching women to love themselves and hold on to a good man. Though I was young then, those songs have followed me throughout my life. Not only has Betty Wright's music affected my life, but so has the songs of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Shirley Brown, Aretha Franklin, and many more. All of them have once written about some kind of empowerment and about love. ...read more.


It's okay to make mistakes. Everything in life isn't going to be easy. Whenever you have to earn something, you always learn a lesson from it. The aspect of culture I feel the song represents overall is being dedicated and committed to one person. So many young people have kids for different persons because they're unsure about who they're with. They date one person, give up on them, and then on to the next one. You can't give up on someone because they made a mistake. If everyone was forgiving, the world would be a much happier place. No Pain, No Gain Betty Wright My baby and are back together again Lovin' is better than it's ever been If it weren't for the trials we've been through I'd never have the courage to come back to you We're all entitled to make a mistake We got to prepare for some heartbreak I as earnin' my man, while I was learnin' my man Something you young girls might not understand No pain [No pain], no pain [No pain] No gain [No gain], no No ...read more.


when you know you haven't been doin' the things you should do Think about it What is the man tryin' to tell you Sometimes flowers mean "Maybe we should just be friends" Do you get my drift Hang if you can hang No pain, no gain In order to get something You got to give something In order to be something You got to go through something Be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the streets You can't show your teeth to every guy you meet It's alright to be a little sweet But be a mama with the kids and you know what in the sheets No pain [No pain] No pain [No pain] No gain [No gain] See, you can't give up 'cause times get hard It's just that old evil devil trying to keep us apart Say devil you ain't getting nothin' here I'm holding on to my man and have no fear No pain [No pain], no pain [No pain] No gain [No gain], oh No pain [No pain], no pain [No pain] No gain [No gain] ...read more.

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