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One of the most significant parts of the Human Resources is teachers

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Dissatisfaction ends up with..... One of the most significant parts of the Human Resources is teachers. They are essential resources in qualifying students at schools. So, they have a direct relationship with the students. That is to say, once a teacher is dissatisfied with his or her job, effects are likely to appear on his or her students. Therefore, in order to enhance the teaching system to end up with better qualified students, teachers' dissatisfaction must be terminated. Last year, a group of teachers demonstrated in front of the ministry of education building. They were demanding higher salaries, benefits or bonuses. In my opinion, they were showing that they were disagreeing with the pay system. ...read more.


Generally, the whole country is likely to be affected by poor education at schools. Specifically, teachers' dissatisfaction ends up with defects in the following areas: * Students themselves: poor education will not serve the students in their future. Actually, they are likely to be rejected to study in the university and colleges. Since they aren't taught sufficiently, they are considered as defects on the society as well as the economy of Oman. * The society: being an unproductive member of the society can lead to be a destructive member. Where people get their productivity? Definitely, by learning sciences from good and honest teachers. But, if the teacher doesn't have the desire, because of the dissatisfaction with the pay system, to teach and get those students productive and creative, what would be the result? ...read more.


In my opinion, our government should recognize this problem more seriously. Since teachers' roles in improving the Human Resources, the society and the economy, are important, the government should satisfy teachers using techniques such as: * Giving them bonuses or increasing their salaries. * Providing them with courses that imply "money isn't everything and the most important thing is growing and improving our economy by qualifying students". * Providing them with benefits like giving them loans without interests. Moreover, our government has experts who are creative in developing techniques solving such problems. It should devote more efforts and attention to avoid the dangerous potential effects of teachers' dissatisfaction. Ending up with a solution will protect the coming Human Resources, our society and our economy. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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