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Our Hands

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Steve Portillo 06/25/2005 Soc. 101 D. Kowitz Final Paper Our Hands Steve Portillo 06/27/2005 Soc. 101 D. Kowitz Final Paper Our Hands There is great societal influence on the family builders, the parents, as to their preference, bias toward the number and sex of children. As a result of this societal influence, the effects are apparent. One effect is that if two parents have two children, one of each gender, then a third is not very plausible. If a family has two children both of the same sex, then they are more apt to have a third. A second effect of this societal influence pertains to China and its One-Child Policy. The effect is detrimental to its female population. An obvious result to such influence is a climb in the number of worldwide abortions, and infanticide. There is a new product on the market and available to the world right now that will aid society in its persuasion and this product is the Baby Gender Mentor(tm) Home DNA Gender Testing Kit. This product will have a grave significant effect on the future outcome of global society both economically and ethically. The responsibility is too great to be left in the hands of the individual and must be monitored by the governments. Family sex structuring has occurred since the beginning of the studies and surveys that date back to 1915. Family sex structuring is the planning with intentions directed toward the preference of one sex over another. ...read more.


In its most extreme forms, back-street abortions, or parents killing girl babies, sometimes referred to as gendercide or infanticide. Gendercide is gender-selective mass killing. The term was first used by Mary Anne Warren in her 1985 book, Gendercide: The Implications of Sex Selection. Infanticide would include starving a child to death, putting poison on their breast for the baby to ingest, or simply leaving the child in a secluded place to die of exposure. America is different, of course. United States bioethicists and pregnancy doctors tend to discourage sex selection, with the major exception of its use by couples whose offspring may inherit sex-linked diseases. Sex selection ''may ultimately support sexist practices," according to the official ethical position of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. There is always the possibility that a woman could use the new gender test for sex selection but with the equality of the sexes, the concern should be insignificant. Currently, most expectant mothers have the chance to get a good, though not always guaranteed, idea of a fetus's gender when they have a routine ultrasound to check its health when they are about 16 weeks pregnant. Women who have an invasive procedure such as amniocentesis can find out the gender for sure, usually at about three or four months. Those procedures carry a slight risk of miscarriage, however. A blood test for fetal DNA, in contrast, offers a noninvasive way to peek at the fetus's genes. Baby Gender Mentor hit the market June 17 with an exclusive announcement on NBC's ''Today." ...read more.


It may reflect some female infanticide, although the widespread practice of an unofficial one-son policy and officially sanctioned second child has probably significantly reduced this practice. Based on official figures, there are approximately 40 million more males than females in today's China. (China Fears Bachelor Future) China is facing a demographic crisis. It is heading towards becoming a nation of bachelors, with official statistics predicting as many as 40m single men by 2020. The shortage of women is due to a traditional preference for sons, combined with the effects of China's strict birth control policies. The newly marketed test option gives the modern family path for sex selection by way of conception, testing, and finally fetal termination. The cycle could take place a number of times until the desired gender is attained. This will lead into a new frontier of difficulties, a bombardment against the pro-life movement. The problem in which China faces today could possibly, and quickly, become the United States of America's situation. We should learn from China' mistake and figure out a way to differ it. As of June 17th, the day the Baby Gender Mentor(tm) Home DNA Gender Testing Kit was released, prior decision for the common family, whether or not to have a third child, became instantly obsolete. Also, single handedly, this product will decrease the average number of children in the United States within a short period of time. The idea here is that parents determining the size of their families and its sex substance, along with the free will abortion right left totally on the choice of the female, could prove detrimental to the economy and ethics of the world. Steve Portillo 06/25/2005 Soc. 101 D. ...read more.

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