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Outline the meaning of the term "hidden figure of crime"?

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´╗┐Outline and explain the meaning of the term ?Hidden Figure of crime? (15 marks) The hidden figures of crime are crimes which are hidden and we are oblivious too. These included corporate crimes. Crimes may be unreported or unrecorded due to certain circumstances. Unreported crimes would include a man getting raped. This wouldn?t be reported due to embarrassment. Also some crimes may simply just be unrecorded due to there being more serious crimes. Unrecorded crimes would include stealing clothes of a washing line. This may be left to being unreported because it?s too trivial. The unreporting of crime is a form of the social construction. ...read more.


The trends in Police recorded crime figures are often affected by the changes in police activity, coverage, public reporting and recording practices. The police act as a ?filtering system? between the information supplied in the form of reported crimes and their interpretations of what factors make crime important. Police officers respond to each incident reported to them in an individualistic way depending on how important they see the crime as. Marxists argue that crimes against people of a higher social status are more likely to be pursued than crimes against people of a lower social status whilst people of a lower social status or class are more likely to experience law enforcement. ...read more.


With victim surveys it is assumed that by asking people what crimes have been committed against them. They are more likely to provide researchers with a more accurate figure of crime levels. Victim surveys take into account of the unreported and unrecording of crime. This is one strength of this survey as opposed to official criminal statistics. One weakness about Victim surveys is that not all crimes may be present/asked for. The other alternative is self-report studies and these are questionnaires handed out to the people/victims. However weaknesses about this particular method is that some people may exaggerate or lie making it invalid. To conclude, there will always be a hidden figure of crime as sociologists will never really know the true extent of criminality as in order for this, there has to be an honest society. ...read more.

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