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Postmordanist's esay

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The Postmordern family is diverse, meaning that roles and powers are often shared Do you agree? In this essay I will firstly define what is diversity and I will then look at the Postmodernist's perspective and what makes them assume that postmodern family is diverse. I will also look at other perspectives some whom are interactionists and some who are functionalists. Some see it from micro level and some see it from macro level. I will discuss the arguments further which may be for or against the Postmodernists. I will be particularly looking at feminist's point of view in depth which will be against the Postmodernist's argument. At last I will have my conclusion, in that conclusion I will have the overall summary of all the arguments for or against the Postmodernists. Postmodern family is diverse, which means that the roles and power are often shared within a family. This is where every member of the family including children are given several tasks to do and every member of the family has its own power within the family. Rising divorce rates, births outside marriage, falling marriage rates longer life spans, ethnic diversity, changes in women's position, the decline of religion , changes in law and other trends, are all contributing to greater family diversity. Postmodernists, argue that this diversity means that we can no longer talk about the family. Postmodernism celebrates cultural diversity and sees individuals making choices about identity by joining a variety of social groups and through consumptions. Burghes (1997) found that fathers were taking an increasingly active role in the emotional development of their children. He argued that fathers paid a great role in increasing children's confidence, self-esteem and self-concept. He believed that fathers were the ones that always stood up for their children when their children felt upset, depressed or unhappy. The above argument explains that fathers playe great role in their children's development especially in their emotional development and that fathers support their children and pay great role ...read more.


Doing a study on ninty five families in Rochdale might not prove to be useful because there are two reasons: one, doing a research on only 95 families might not be useful because it is the answer of the whold world and that they might have the same background, two; doing it in Rochdale is only looking at one distinct group and it might be the view of what the people who live in Rochdale think and not the popel who live in other towns, cities and countries. Frminists also have this argument that athers do not spend uality time with their families, they believe that fathers are too busy working and do not have enough time to interact with their families. Dex who was another feminist also noted that half of the fathers reported that 30 per cent (as well as 6% of the mothers) worked more than 48 hours a week on a regular basis. It is unlikely that fathers in this situation will be spending equality time interacting with their families. On one had a feminsits Dex argues that fathers should spend more quality time with their families on the hand Warin who is also suppots femint's argument, argues that fathers should be the bredwinners and should go out to work and mothers should stay at home to look after their children. As you an see, two people who are both feminests but support different arguments, which does not really suggests that ferminests are finally right. Feminsts argue that women suffer from domestic violence nearly every day but they refuse o report ir either beause they are too scared of their partener or are scared that if they reorted the violence then they partners might leave them and their children. Stanko (2000) found that one domestic is reported by women to the police every minute in the UK. Many women fail to report violence because they feel that they may not be taken seriously or because they are afraid of the repercussions. ...read more.


They claim that children without the father are very likely to unsuccessful in life than the children with the father. They argue that it is very vital that the child gets the love from both parents and that single parent families are bad role models front of their children. For example Erdos (2000) suggests that fatherless children are less likely to be successfully socialized into the culture of discipline and compromise found in nuclear family and so are less likely to successful parents themselves. Some interactionists such as muslim scholars agree with New Right's claim and believe that women is always better off with a first husband/man no matter how he is like because it involves children and children need both parents to succeed in life and if the women does remarry or leaves the husband than it is shame for the whole family and for the parent's of the women. In general there is no right or worng answer to who has the control and power within a family. All the functionalists and interactionists, and have different ideas about control and power within a family. So on the whole it is a point of view. If women specialises in home life she is being appressed? How much choice has she got ? If men and women have diffent, post modaninsts would argue it is not necesserly oppression. When there is no choice - does the mom have any choice. So I prefer to agree with the interactionists and say that the group dunamis of each family need to be booked at to see if power is being shared. When men start to work, they believe that they want the power over the family dynamics well they have got power over the money and expences what they don't have power over is their children, their hose and their children because they decide to go out and work and while the mother takes the power over the house nd children. They decide to loss that power well, why complain about it? ...read more.

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