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Poverty and its solutions

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´╗┐Name: Dareem Blizzard Lecturer: Isidorn Yvonne Johnson Class: Contemporary Social Problems Date: 14th September, 2012 Solutions to Poverty. The causes of poverty are manifold. Crime, disease, corruption and unemployment being the big players. What steps can then be taken towards addressing the massive social issue of poverty that has afflicted humanity for centuries? Employment Generation. Carefully and extensively planned employment programs funded by the government can spur growth in jobs. Industries requiring substantial labour forces can also be given significantly larger aid from the government. Focus should be placed on developing companies that offer sustainable and long-term jobs to the community. Companies should also budget sufficiently for employee training and related community programs, so that employees and prospective employees can keep their skills relevant and up-to-date. ...read more.


Prioritizing programs that target fundamental human rights. Every individual should have access to housing, food, clean water, healthcare and electricity. Technically governments should only move on to other projects after they have made sure that programs that provide these basic amenities to their people are up and running. This might prove to be the hardest step yet. Taxing the rich more and the poor less. Redistribution of wealth will be an imperative step in eradicating poverty. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Taxing methods need to be tailored to an individual?s financial bracket to ensure that upward social mobility becomes an absolute possibility. Building self-sufficient economies. ...read more.


With effective media coverage of poverty-related catastrophes, the demand for social change rises collectively all over the world. Education. As much as poverty is a social condition, it is also a mental and psychological cage. With education, impoverished populations are able to visualize their way out of poverty and are able to work towards it in an organized and reliable manner. Education provides training to tomorrow?s workforce and thus fortifies the economy against poverty. Education in rich populations about poverty invokes sentiments of compassion and a sense of responsibility to the misfortunes of the rest of the world. Education also has the power to bring about social changes such as fights against racism and sexism ? both conditions that happen to be linked intrinsically with poverty. ...read more.

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