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Religion - Crime in our society today is becoming worse and worse by the day.

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Religion coursework Siobhan Higgins AO2 Crime in our society today is becoming worse and worse by the day. Not only are petty crimes such as robbery and assault being committed more, but serious crimes such as Rape, GBH and child abuse are on the increase as well. Society takes a less than sympathetic view to these crimes and believe that all criminals should be severely punished, however Christians believe that all criminals should be given the chance to reform, and be given another chance to prove that they can do right. At the same time society demand harsher punishments and longer sentences. They believe that all criminals should be taken off the streets, regardless of the crime they have committed, or the offence they have carried through. If an offender is let off with a light sentence, there is uproar from the families of the victims and from the media. A greater majority is now accepting crimes that were once almost unheard of and people are forced to ask the question, "What do we do with these people" There are five reasons that criminals are punished, deterrence, in which the judge gives a harsh punishment to one offender in order to deter other people from committing the same crime. ...read more.


The turmoil of that event could damage the child's mind for life, and the chances of the child recovering are very poor. As a Christian we should look at this crime and try to forgive. Although it is hard to understand why someone would commit this crime, as Christians we should try to reform the offender and teach them that what they have done is wrong. In the Old Testament we were taught "An Eye for An Eye", that we should do unto people what they have done to us. Jesus overturned these views, which we are told in Matthew's gospel. Jesus said that we should forgive people 90*9 times. He told us that no matter how angry we are with people, we should not focus on the punishment aspect, but try to forgive people who have hurt us. We are also taught again in the story of the forgiving father. The story tells us how we should be rehabilitated. The criminal should be encouraged to Confess about what they have done, and only then will they be forgiven. I believe that it is hard to forgive people who have committed crimes against us, and even as Christians if we have been hurt, we find it difficult to find in our hearts, the courage to forgive people. ...read more.


However there are other types of punishment such as community service in which the criminal spends hours giving back to the community by doing tasks such as gardening. There are also fines, attendance centres and rehabilitation. As you can see from the list above, Prison is not always necessary. If you lock somebody away, they have little chance of learning why they have done wrong. I feel that crime and punishment are something that every society will have to deal with. I feel it is wrong that people can be imprisoned for petty crimes such as vandalising, when drink drivers and murderers are walking the streets daily. The justice system in Britain is wrong, as when a person is released from prison, they are not allowed to associate with any known criminal, which is what they have been doing for the duration of their punishment. As a Christian I believe that all people should be given a chance to show that they can do right. We should try to rehabilitate people who commit crimes such as rape and murder, so they know how to lead a normal life, instead of locking them up and forgetting about them. However crimes need to be dealt with, so a balance needs to be found between justice and human revenge. ...read more.

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