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Report on: Lowood Institution for Orphan Girls.

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Lowood Institution Report on: Lowood Institution for Orphan Girls. Assessor: Rooshab Shah Outline 1 Introduction to Lowood 2 Physical Environment 2.1 Grounds and Location of Lowood 2.2 Classrooms 2.3 Dormitories 2.4 Washing Facilities 2.5 Dining Facilities 2.6 Healthcare Facilities 3 Schooling 3.1 Subjects Studied 3.2 Discipline 3.3 Play, Welfare and Well-being 4 Miscellaneous 4.1Clothing and Uniform 4.2 Meals 4.3 Daily Routine 4.4 Staff 4.5 Sundays 5 Conclusion 5.1 Good Elements of the school 5.2 Bad Elements of the school 6 Recommendations - What should happen to the school - Final Statement 1 Introduction This is a report on Lowood School. This report assesses the school on the standard and quality areas of the school. Lowood is an all girls' school (or institution if you like) for orphan who's parents have either died or neglected them. The girls age from about 9 years and above, and there is thirty-five or so of them. The teachers have come forward voluntarily and are paid only a little if any at all. Lowood is a boarding school, and there is a fee to be a part of the school. This fee is only here for the upkeep of the school. ...read more.


Another suggestion is when walking in LoWood, the forest-dell was the cradle of fog and the disease may have been carried around in the fog. This may also be a suggestion to how the first person to receive Typhus fever got it. 3 Schooling 3.1 Subjects Studied There is a wide range of subjects taught at the school. They are taught to the best of the teachers' abilities, which is in almost all cases quite a high level of understanding. Some teachers may not be good at teaching in a certain area as they specialise at teaching in another area (mainly in the crafts). It is hard for them to give the girls the best education, as there is only four teachers, but the majority finish school with a high level of knowledge and will do in their future. The main method of teaching that they use here is to get the girls to read text books and memorise everything that is in the books so that they can recite it to any one who asks. For the crafts, it is just a case of learning the basics, and then practising and practising until perfect. ...read more.


6 Recommendations Although there is so many faults of Lowood School, it has great potential to be one of the leading institutions for orphans in the country. Most of the faults are minor and are ones which can be put right with a little bit of effort. There are so many good things about the school that it is not worth giving up on it and should be kept open, however if the standards do not change, it shall have to be shut down. I think the main thing holding back the school is that there is a lack of money. It seems that there is only a fee to pay for the food, water and electricity. If a reasonable donation was given to the school, I am sure the school would benefit. A few suggestions if money was given to the school: - * Walls could separate the classroom, and each class has its own supply of equipment. Final Statement I will give the school six months to improve the facilities, and to do every one of my suggestions, if it is to remain open. I shall return on the week beginning 8 October for another inspection and that inspection shall decide on the shutting down of the school. I will also be coming in for sneak inspections to see if you are spending the money donated to you wisely. ...read more.

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