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Roles in the family - review of the views of major sociologists.

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Young & Willmott - Symmetrical Family Free time is spent doing chores & odd jobs around the house, & leisure is mainly 'home-based'. The conjugal bond is strong & relationship between husband & wife are increasingly campanionate. They shared their work they shared their time Wives still have the main responsibility for raising the children, although husbands help. Contribution to household is similar in terms. Share many chores -decisions, work together, yet there is still men's work & women's work. From Y & W research - 72% husbands did housework Y & W are amongst those who have argued that conjugal roles are becoming joint. However, most sociologists who have carried out research in this area have found little evidence that inequality within marriage has been significantly reduced. Conjugal roles, housework & childcare Ann Oakley - men who make a very small contribution to housework would be included in the 72%. She found greater equality in teams of allocation of domestic tasks between spouses in the middle class than in the working class. ...read more.


However, one can also say that men's paid work may also be alienating. Sullivan-how similar the overall proportion of the time spent on leisure activities is for the two sexes. The extra time that women spend on domestic tasks is almost exactly equivalent to the overall level to the extra time that men spend doing paid work, leaving the same proportion of leisure time for both. Conjugal roles & power Another approach to studying conjugal roles is to examine power within marriage - who makes the decisions. Edgell - Wives dominated in those areas of decision making concerning interior decorations, domestic spending & children's clothes ==> considered unimportant (minor decisions) Men dominated three areas of decision making - those relating to moving house, finance & the car ==> regarded as important (involving large sums of money); husband decided the overall allocation of financial resources In a more recent study - although men still dominated in most households, this was not these in a significant minority of households. ...read more.


Dunne-women are still a long way from achieving equality within marriage. They are still primary responsible for domestic tasks & they have less clearcut. Husbands of wives with full-time jobs do seen to be talking over some of the burden of housework, although the change is slow & some inequality remains. Christine Delphy & Diana Leonard Women also contribute a great deal to their husbands work & leisure by providing: * for their emotional & sexual well-being * direct help - eg doing office work for a self employed husband, proofreading books if their husband is an author, or constituency work if he is an MP, answer the phone to arrange dinner parties * moral support, listen when to husbands problems. * trouble-free sex * make the house into a home - comfortable, warm & undemanding * control their own emotions to provide emotional care for husbands +give them a sense of well-being Men make little contribution to their wives' work. They find it physcologicly, socially or legally impossible' to work under their wives' direction. Some assistance but the husband's career remains the central one. ?? ?? ?? ?? 3 1 ...read more.

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