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Should Corporal Punishment be Re-instated in Schools?

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Should Corporal Punishment be Re-instated in Schools? Do you teach your child that it is all right to hit someone? Do you teach your child it is ok for others to hit him? No I don't think you do. However by using Corporal Punishment that is what you are doing. You are teaching your children that it is all right to hit someone and to use violence to solve a problem. In this essay I will give and explain reasons why Corporal Punishment should not be Re-instated in schools. I will also explain why other reasons are incorrect. Isn't there a law about inflicting pain on others? Yes there is! If you hit someone you are breaking this law and could be prosecuted by the police. If you watch the news you will be forever hearing about people being arrested and being sent to jail for several years for assaulting people. Why should things be any different in schools? ...read more.


Corporal punishment would undermine this greatly. If you forget your schoolbook do you not think that it is a little unfair to be hit for it? By doing this you are blowing the wrongdoing out of proportion. Detention is a much better idea, as the child is paying for what they have done, and they are learning something at the same time. If corporal punishment is administrated to a child, it will affect the schoolwork produced by that child and those around him or her. They will all be afraid of when they will receive their next beating and therefore they will never be concentrating on the lesson properly. They will be in constant fear all the time; this is not the correct way to bring up a chid. Following on from this point, a child who goes to school expecting to be beaten, will very soon decide it may be in their best interests not to go to school. ...read more.


A child goes to school to be educated both in intellectual subjects and moral issues. It should not be the school's job to discipline the child, this should be done at home in a method decided by the parents. Some people also argue that corporal punishment should be brought back to some inner city schools where the children have no respect for authority. However this would be discrimination and would only help fuel the hatred that some pupils may have towards their teachers. They would only think then that if it is all right for the teacher to hit them then why isn't it all right for them to hit the teacher? Instead the school should follow its policies and if the pupil continues to break the rules they should suspend or expel the child from school. Detention and other ways of punishment such as essays may not always work but corporal punishment will not always work either. It really all depends on the individual. Some individuals will end up leading a life of crime no matter what influences they may or may not have had whilst growing up. ...read more.

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