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SHOULD MINORITY LANGUAGES BE PRESERVED? Minority languages are the languages spoken by a group of people sharing common ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds, especially when the no of people in the group is comparatively small in proportion to a given population. Minority languages are usually given less importance all over the world justifying the fact that, more often than not, everything that is in larger quantity is the mightiest. ...read more.


Expression of ideas, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, on which the whole world is heavily dependent, can only be done through language and most efficiently and effectively through the mother tongue that everyone is born with. The minority groups are no exception to this. Without minority languages, they are as good as dead. They won't be able to share with the world what they know and feel which will only be a huge loss to the world. ...read more.


They are a sign of identification of a nation. They are what make a country unique. Thus, extinction of minority languages which results in the extinction of related cultures and traditions will ultimately result in the extinction of the identity of a nation without which a nation is not a nation, it is a country with definite geographical area, after all what makes a country a nation is its culture, tradition and lifestyle. Thus, conservation and promotion of minority languages is today's dire need. ...read more.

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