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Social Evils

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MEANING OF SOCIAL EVILS Social Evils, as the name suggests means the presence of something or some deeds existing in society which are not acceptable at all. As we know that every society or community across the seven seas has its pros and cons. Therefore, it would be incorrect to perceive that the world is picture perfect. It is a fact Universally acknowledged that no society is free or spared from the presence of Social Evils. These evils manifest themselves in so many ways that a rational human being is perplexed to discover its existence in various forms. Each society comprises of both moral and immoral people. Thereby, we can witness the contamination of the society that vanishes its goodness. It also pertains to the fact that the innocent and moral people are adversely affected as they become the target of suffering and agony. The absence of goodness and nobility in a society gives birth to Social Evils and they pave a way for themselves by overshadowing the minds of people. In the present era, the Social Evils are spreading as fast as fire. It is a renowned phrase that: "A filthy fish can contaminate the entire pond". ...read more.


As we know that a society comprises of people therefore, the people are the causes to spread evils and chaos in their overall surroundings. Certainly, Social Evils are the result of Man's inability to control his wishes and desires which motivate him to commit wrong and harm the society. The pressure and demands of the society promote wrong doings which pollutes the society. Nonetheless, man himself is responsible and the root cause for the existence of social evils. Though he is a "social animal", yet, he can transform himself into a beast inorder to satisfy his unacceptable motives and wishes. So, the inhumanity of people leads to such consequences which will shatter them in future. The Social Evils manifest themselves in many ways. For instance, in the form of corruption, juvenile delinquency, greed, prostitution, sexual harassment, child abuse and so on. Peer Group: Another poignant cause for Social Evils is the influence of peer group. The desire to become a part of the peer group is strong enough in an individual especially youngsters and children that they can go to extremes. Thereby, it is evident that peer group plays an eminent role in a person's life and thus at times it highlights his disastrous future as well. ...read more.


Its negativity can be sensed by even an unconscious person which substantiates that it is at its peak. This further connotes another harmful cause of Social Evils. Nowadays, such actions and incidents which cause violence and obscenity are being shown which causes a whole range of Social Evils because many individuals are provoked and curious to commit the same actions thinking them to be appealing. The admiration of teenagers for various celebrities is yet another cause of Social Evils. The reason is that the adolescents especially muse over their favourite celebrities which bring on to the surface level more negative aspects than positive ones. However, the action movies as well as video games which are based on the themes of violence, implicitly motivate many people to commit such things. Furthermore, children and youngsters are mainly affected by these. Thus, Social Evils are an inevitable part of societies which are caused initially by the will of man himself. They project disharmony in the society and environment and also tend to disintegrate relationships. Thus precautionary measures should be taken up inorder to create a congenial atmosphere in the society. Simultaneously, individuals must be able to calm down their futile motives and desires which demand him to adopt Social Evils thus making him a hollow man with futile existence. ...read more.

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