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Social Policy

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Sociology Athena Lythgoe Examine the way in which social policies and laws may influence the family. New right are one particular political party that believe the nuclear family is the best for society this is because it is an ideal apparatus for society because it keeps crime rates down and education results are higher due to better primary socialization. The family consists of a married mother and father, where the father is in full time employment, the father has to be in full time work because it sets a good example to any male children and the women has to stay at home because it shows any female children how they should take care of the family, this is thought by new right thinkers to be the best for primary socialization. New right often refer back to the golden age of family, in the 1950's, this is because there was a high amount of nuclear families and a very low divorce rate. ...read more.


formed, and also they would promote the female being the expressive leader so she could stay at home as a traditional nuclear family wive would do, they want this as they think it helps with primary socialization. Charles Murray, an American sociologist, stated that a number of young healthy and low income males were turning to drugs and crime because they had grown up without a father and so had a lack of main role models within society. This affects them because the female being the expressive leader is dependent on the male, being the instrumental leader, to carry out punishment and so there is a social responsibility breakdown. Murray said that "work must become the center of life" for young men. He said that they should learn to have discipline and respect for work as well as responsibility for being a father, this may not happen due to them not being shown how to be a father when growing up. ...read more.


New Labour are another political party. There do not focus as much on the nuclear family and are not so critical, however they still do believe the nuclear family to be the best. Instead though there emphasis is on education and law and order and also a sense of community and citizenship in a moral company. Within all these category's thought the nuclear family play an important role. An example of new Labour policies is longer maternity and paternity leave. They also brought in Working Family Tax Credits, which allows tax relief to enable parents to work without losing income due to childcare costs. New Labour also brought in New deal, this helps lone parent s return to paid employment, also to help with childcare they brought in nursery tokens. Many feminists see New Labour as patriarchal and backward looking in terms of the traditional family. They think that the ideal cereal packet family to be at the forefront of it policy and in this way New Labour policies are accused of reflecting too closely to the New Rights agenda on the family. ...read more.

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