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Social research

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The impact of rising house prices on young British adults' early career choices. My question is based on rising house prices and early career choices by young adults. I want to go into more depth about young adults living arrangements due to availability of housing and the pricing of housing. My question is; "Is there a relationship between rising house prices and young adult's career choices?" There wasn't much research related to my question which may be a strength or weakness for my research but I did find a few related topics. Firstly, there was research related to my question done by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The foundation conducted research on young people and house prices; the research was called "Housing and employment problems for young people in the countryside". Anwen Jones and Julie Rugg explored the experiences of 60 young people growing up in rural parts of North Yorkshire gathering qualitative data through interviews. The research was based on a random selection, all aged 22. The 22 year olds were selected randomly through the electoral register. The young people included young farmers still working on the family farm; student nurses working in big city hospitals; students studying in different parts of Britain. E.g. ...read more.


in the conclusion showing the outcome of the research. On the other hand though, it goes into triangulation with using more than one method. Qualitative data with interviews and quantitative data with questionnaires. I want to do is an interview. The reason why I have chosen this is because I want to collect qualitative data and get the verstehen of my interviewees in in-depth information. To get my sample of young British people I will pick different university's and see if I can get a list of postgraduates from the past few years and systematically then pick different adults from the list. I will be getting a sample of around a 500 young adults and then try and get in touch with them to see if they are willing to take part in my study. The problem with this is that I would have to see whether I would be allowed to have access to past student details. The way I could get round this though is to see if the university itself is allowed to get in touch with the individuals about the study and see if they are willing to participate. My sample may be small as it is only a 500 people but this is because realistically I wouldn't have the money to be able to conduct a large scale survey. ...read more.


For example, try and get women to interview women and men interview men. When I have gathered my data, I will analyse my data and see if there is a relationship between young adult's career choices and house prices. If not, I will see if there is another factor that affects young adult's career choices. E.G. class, gender or ethnicity. In conclusion, my research is difficult because there is no other research exactly like mine and therefore I cannot immediately see the 'flaws' of my research and try to fix them. But on the other hand, this could be a strength for my proposal because It has never been done before. I would like to have been able to expand my work to a variety of different types of young people. For example, young people that haven't been to university. Young people from the age of 16 etc. This is because people who go to university tend to be of a middle class and my research may not be representative of the UK otherwise. My results would probably be different as well because they have probably made different career choices for different reasons other than house prices. Also, I think my research proposal would be good for becoming a longitudinal study because there may be a difference in results the older the people get. Career choices may change the older the individual gets. ...read more.

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