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'Society affects how people perceive themselves, Body Image awareness still exists in our society'.

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BODY IMAGE 'Society affects how people perceive themselves, Body Image awareness still exists in our society' I agree strongly with this statement that many people living on our society are influenced by the media and the fashion industry. Both are equally responsible for the increased number of people suffering from eating disorders. Fashion industries tend to only feature whose figures vary from eight to ten. Their androgynous waif-like figures are presented as representative of the everyday woman. In doing so the average woman in the street is forced to measure herself against an unrealistic ideal. Most models are above average height, have naturally lithe bodies and are aged between sixteen and thirty. Their image is constructed and manipulated by a predominately male homosexual industry which appears reluctant to show women as curvaceous individuals. Celebrities themselves fall foul of the dominant media representation of women. Victoria Beckham not long after the birth of her first child was famously featured on a catwalk parading the clothes of one of her favourite designer. ...read more.


Magazines such as "Bliss" "Hello" "J17" promote the same message: that love attraction, sex long terms happiness comes with being beautiful. The advice on clothes, make up etc. suggests there is need for self improvement. The love stories and model pages all feature clear skinned, slim people. The fat and the ugly do not live in the fashion world. To an impressionable teenager it implies they have no place in the world and will not be accepted in society if they are over-weight. Society in general see fat, over-weighted people to be lazy so this makes people feel they have to be thin and not fat to fit in with the general public. Fat people often get abused and made fun at because they seem to appear as the figure of ridicule and mockery. They do not get to take a serious part in life and this also happens in the media. ...read more.


A sign of ageing on a man makes him look more "interesting" whilst lines on a women's face sends her in search of Botox. The lives of cosmetics in a supermarket available to men and women show the disparity between he two groups. Women are forced to look good, pressure is placed on them to maintain them whilst men in contrast are expected simply to groom themselves and keep clean. Yet despite all the male pressure, the fashion industry, magazines, celebrities, the adverts put on more anxiety and manipulation by selling products and gadgets. Examples are drinks such as "Slim fast" and fat deducting belts and tablets. These adverts come generally out in the January period of the New Year or Christmas suggesting a new year's resolution and this clearly tells us the encouragement of the whole media towards people into sliming down. In conclusion I do think that society affects people and how they perceive themselves. Nearly everybody changes to suit someone or a specific society some way or another. ENGLISH 10S BODY IMAGE Karthika Shanthakunalan ...read more.

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