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Sociological research into obesity and smoking rates for different sections of society.

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´╗┐Sociology ? P3 Obesity between men and women Obesity is a condition in which an individual has a body mass over 30. This body mass is calculated by dividing a person?s weight by their height. In England the proportion of overweight individuals has raised in the past 15 years to now one if four individuals being obese in the England. It is suggested that the reason for this new outcome is due to the amount of fast food restaurants which have been introduced to the population. It is becoming increasingly easier for people to have fast food due to the restaurants practically being on people?s door steps and the delivery service which comes with almost every fast food restaurant. Furthermore, In the UK and America it was scientifically proven that women had a higher obesity rate than men, statistics show that 42% of women were overweight compared to 32% of men. Women are thought to have a higher statistic due to pregnancies. ...read more.


Furthermore, high cholesterol can also be a health outcome from having a big waist circumference. Furthermore, in comparison with men this chart shows that women have an increased chance of increasing health problems. This is because a woman?s waist circumference can be 14cm smaller than a man?s needs to be in order for the person to be at risk of health problems. Therefore, women have a 44% chance of having health problems due to their waist circumference compared to the 34% chance a man has. Percent Numbers (millions) Men Women Men Women 2000 20% 18% 3.2M 2.7M 2001 20% 22% 3.2M 3.2M 2002 22% 21% 3.5M 3.2M 2003 22% 21% 3.4M 3.1M 2004 21% 21% 3.6M 3.2M 2005 22% 22% 3.6M 3.4M This graph identifies the percentage of men and women over weight during the years. This table shows that women have a higher percentage of being overweight. However, in 2002 statistics showed that men were more over weight than women in this year. ...read more.


White Irish Black African Men 1.0 1.0 Women 0.7 1.0 Total 0.8 1.0 The above figures are from the Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities. It is shown that Black African people have a higher rate of psychotic illness. The black African is twice as likely as being diagnosed with the disorders. It is suggested that the Black African people have a higher chance of being diagnosed with a mental disorder due to black Africans having a higher chance of coming into contact with the police. Evidence suggests that other forensic services prior to admission, the police then assess the individual and send them into hospital to be checked over for the disorders. Black African individuals are less likely to be diagnosed by going to a health care setting. Furthermore, the Black Africans are more likely to be referred to hospital by a stranger, whereas the White Irish can be more confidential and keep their private lives separate. Therefore, it is suggested that 22% of White Irish people can go with out a diagnosis. ...read more.

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