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Sociological Theory and Groups - analysis of a football team and a computer game club.

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´╗┐Carl Zhou Sociological Theory and Groups Culminating Activity A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity (CliffsNotes). The two social groups I have chosen to study are members of the Glebe Starcraft club and members of the Glebe boys soccer team. These two groups are very different from each other but also share many similarities. The Starcraft club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday in the computer lab. Members play with one another on the online video game Starcraft. Starcraft is a real-time strategy video game; players can form teams to fight against each other or against the computer. The game is considered an e-sport (electronic sport) because there is the same level of competitiveness, this overall sense of connectedness, and sense of sportsmanship in the international community as a physical sport such as soccer or hockey. The game is very popular in South Korea and is played professionally worldwide. The Glebe boys soccer team is composed of male students from Glebe C.I. ...read more.


The two groups both operate as a team/as one, so each member must work towards achieving a common interest (winning the game). The two groups are also very different from each other, as shown in the chart above (divisions), but they are also related to one another. Both groups participate in a team sport which requires members to use the same mentality, the only thing that makes Starcraft not a real sport in the eyes of many people is just the fact that you?re not running around on a field, thus the term "e-sports" (Fulcrum) Symbolic Interactionism ? Max Weber Symbolic interactionism studies humans at the micro level. It focuses on individuals within a larger society. Max Weber created rationalization, which he defined as social actions motivated by efficient or benefit, rather than morality, custom, or emotion. He said that rationalization helps society to function more efficiently. Weber also thought people could be liberated through bureaucracy, which is an organization where people are given specialized tasks and where each role is supervised in a hierarchy. ...read more.


I also attend club meetings and interact with members of this group, so I know how they act and think. Reflection I now realize that functional differentiation does indeed exist. When I first learned the term I did not quite understand it, I didn?t grasp the concept of independent divisions that are connected. Through this activity, I understand it much better. My most important learning is realizing that e-sports and physical sports have a lot in common. In fact, they are identical except one does not require physical activity and one does. Teamwork and bureaucracy are very present in team oriented sports. A chain of command is very important because it allows the coach to direct his ideas/plans to the players who execute them. I was surprised at the popularity of Starcraft and other e-sports worldwide. They form a multimillion dollar business through tournaments and game sales, and they attract millions of fans. I think the reason why e-sports are so popular is because people who are not as physical can finally participate in a team oriented sport. Humans are a group oriented species so naturally they would want to be a part of something greater than themselves. ...read more.

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