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sociology a2 essay

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Give an account and evaluate the research methods that you used to investigate the relationship between women and film For my critical research project I wanted to find out if black female actresses have become more successful since the 1960's. Because I found that it is a highly debated topic, and that I could use many different forms of primary and secondary research My first objective was to narrow my question "have black women become more successful since the 1960's civil rights movements" reason for the was because there are so many ways of measuring successfulness and this made the question a bit to broad, so I decided to break down the terms of success down to three subheading by witch I would I can determine success. And they were, what roles do they get?, the awards (merit) received and how they are compared to black males in Hollywood. i also desided to look at my topic in two ways, 1. looking at black women in general, and 2. comparing Hattie McDaniel's, Whoopi Goldberg, and Halle Barry, because I felt it would give me a perspective on how things changed over the years. ...read more.


Firstly I did a YouTube video, the good thing about youtube is that its connected to so many people all around the world so I was hoping to get a much broader perspective. Only problem was because my youtube channel was not known and the only way most people get comments and other video responses is if they already have a few people watching the channel and I had none. So as a result I got one response form some one who said "there is still a long way for black women to go in Hollywood, despite the change that has happened." The failer then brought me to the idea of using 'Facebook' another networking tool where many people have a range of groups and discussions. Facebook groups are great for getting people to debate about all kinds of topics, and that's why decided after the failed YouTube video, to start my own face book group 'black actresses in Hollywood debate' where I got a much bigger response, espically on the subheading of awards.and many suggested they feel that black women are not being taken seriously, a lot of it felt like what Bell Hooks was saying was true. ...read more.


Moores article suggest that the image of black women is perhaps the problem. Furthermore Hollywood does not want to tap to the real potentioal black women have. and that's something that I found in my primary research many felt the same way. But this was not the only thing I found other articles said similar thing. Internet research was a great way to investigate the topic however I am aware that anyone could have loaded the articles and the information I gathered especially on Wikipedia where I got a lot of my biographies and filmography information form. The methods I used where good, even though there are things I could have improved on. I felt that they where good I was able to get a few answers from the research.if I did have to redo anything I would have re done the youtube video because I feel that the fact that my channel was unknown put it at a disadvantage, and I feel that it would have brought a great angle The new York times 'black actress are still waiting for star roles' joy Horowitz may 1991 http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CEED6113AF93AA15756C0A967958260 'the image of black women in entertainment' march 24th 2008 michael Langston Moore http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2008/03/24/the_image_of_black_women_in_entertainmen ...read more.

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