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Sociology and other cultures

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Sociology and Other Cultures Culture can be defined as being the shared patterns of behaviours and social interactions, cognitive constructs and affective understanding that are learned through a process called socialisation or in other words a way of life. There are many different types of culture, and they all have there similarities and differences. Some people would say that family is one of the most important aspects of a person's life, and would highly recommend it. However this can not be said for the culture of the IK of Northern Uganda. They strongly believe that 'family means very little', and that there is no need for it. Basically they go by the system of "every man for themselves"; the children are even 'regarded as useless appendages' since they apparently use up "precious resources". ...read more.


They don't support any of their family at all and the "sick and disabled children too are abandoned". The Promo Indians would strongly be in opposition to the IK cultures views on support and the same goes to my culture as well. The Promo Indians believe in support to the extent of that "we would suffer the devils, spirits, ghosts or other people if we did not support one another". The Nayar society of southern, do believe in supporting each other however, it focuses on blood supporting blood and anything outside of blood cannot support them or it was limited. Even husband and wife cannot support each other; "husbands were expected to give their wife's gifts but did not maintain them in any way; the Nayar women relied n their own brothers and sisters". ...read more.


Even though the IK family don't believe in husband and wife, I believe that they could be in favour of the Nayar society of southern, of the women seeing different men and the men seeing different women. Reason being that if "family means very little" then there no sense of security that you with a particular person so they could also sleep with different people. There are many different cultures with their own values, and I feel that there will always be a culture that will think differently of it or agree with it. When it comes to my culture in general I believe that over the past years we have become lenient and adapted to the modern world. For example Marriage, it's now accepted in some cases to not get married where as if it was years ago it would have been seen as unjust and wrong. ...read more.

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