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Sociology essay-education

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Sociology essay-education Question: with reference to sociological studies assess the view that material factors are the most important in determining differential class attainment. In this essay I am going to show that yes material factors are the most important in determining differential class attainment. However there is evidence to show that cultural factors as well do determine differential class attainment. The material factors that mostly determine class attainment are: * lack of income * over crowded houses * poor diet * lack of access to uniform Furthermore, material deprivation outside school can affect achievement; the theory says that economic poverty is a big factor in low achievement at school. Douglas (1964) found that children in unsatisfactory living conditions. I.e. poor housing, lack of nutritious food, overcrowding did not do very well in ability tests compared to children from comfortable backgrounds Unemployment or low income mean less money for books, the internet and school trips. ...read more.


He found working class parents were less likely to visit and attend and therefore concluded that they were less interested. Also, he found that middle class culture attached a higher value to education. Therefore middle class parents were more interested in their child's education, and therefore middle class parents provided more encouragement. However this fails to acknowledge that working class parents may not be able to attend, for instance shift work, no transport, and culture class in schools (they found them intimidating). Bernstein suggested that working class and ethnic minority children suffer from linguistic deprivation. During the 1950s, he studied pupils in the east end of London, and claimed that different classes use different speech codes. The working class used restricted speech codes and the middles class used elaborate speech codes. The teachers, schools and the curriculum tended to use elaborate speech codes, this then favours the middle class because they are able to decipher. ...read more.


Factors such as poverty maybe more important than attitudes in explaining the failure of working class and ethnic minority children to stay on in post 10 education. These groups may have less access to, material resources such as education toys. They may be trapped in a cycle of poverty. Ethnic minorities might be denied access to jobs and decent housing because of racism. Also material and cultural deprivation theories don't explain how factors inside school affect achievement. Cultural deprivation generalises a lot about differences between middle class and working class life. It ignores working class families who do place a high value on education, and tends to assume that working class families have no culture at all, or that working class culture can not be relevant to school. This is ethnocentric. In conclusion to this, I feel that cultural factors played a more crucial rate than material factors, and that overall there does seem to be more material factors, but it might be that cultural factors really do affect it more. Amie Macklin sociology essay homework Material / Cultural factors ...read more.

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