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Sociology Feminism

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SOCIOLOGY FEMINISM HOMEWORK 1) The difference between Sex and Gender is Sex is nature - we cannot determine the sex that we are born and Gender is nurture - we learn how to act as a male (how to be masculine) and we learn how to act as a female (how to be feminine,) we can also swap these roles males can also learn to act feminine and females can learn how to act masculine. We learn these roles by watching the rest of society. 2) Patriarchy is a term used when males hold more power in society than females this is determined by the roles they are giving in Government, Legal System, Military, Technology etc. It is also determined by the six structures used by men to dominate women. 1: Patriarchal mode of production (childcare, housework, P.T work). 2: Patriarchal relations in paid work (poorly paid jobs, unequal pay). 3: Bias towards patriarchal interests in policies of state. 4: Male violence (rape, domestic violence). 5: Patriarchal relations in sexuality (compulsory heterosexuality). 6: Patriarchal culture institutions (religions, education, legal systems). 3) Patriarchy and Feminist Theory is related because feminism grew as a response to Patriarchy. ...read more.


5) A liberal feminist is a feminist who wanted political and legal change through law. They wanted to change society into a more gender equitable place, they wanted to be noticed as equal to men, they wanted their rights and decisions heard and taken seriously and they wanted to change things important to them such as sexual harassment, abortion rights, the right to a divorce, education, equal pay rights, childcare, domestic violence and sexual violence. Back before 1857 women had no right to divorce their husband except by an act of parliament, their husbands had the right by law to beat them, determine their education have sexual access to their bodies whenever they wanted. Throughout time liberal feminists have helped changed all these rights by law, it is no longer against the law to have an abortion, sexual harassment, domestic and sexual violence is seen as breaking the law, divorce is legal and we all have the right to an education had it not been for the liberal feminists would this be the case?. 6) A radical feminist is a feminist who doesn't fully agree with a liberal feminist they want to see more of a change in society rather than just in law. ...read more.


9) Feminist theories developed because of a need to raise gender issues, they were raised to make people aware that women were just as important and capable of things as men were, to get rid of Patriarchy in society and see women as equals to give them a recognised voice. Strengths: : Give women a voice : Raise awareness of gender issues : Balanced perspectives by seeing things from a women's point of view : Enable women to write about women : Look at society as a whole Weaknesses : May be ignoring wider factors such as class : Ignores other social categories such as ethnicity : May overlook the oppression and exploitation of (some) men 10) I have learned not to be so dependant on my partner, to think more of myself as a person and not seek the approval of my partner so much, rather than ask him to baby sit his daughter I am going to just assume he has nothing else to do and get on with my plans as he does to me. I have realised that women are as equal as men. ?? ?? ?? ?? MARINA MCMURCHIE 09/03/2008 ...read more.

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