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Ted Bundy

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Ted is a power/control serial killer. He" takes pleasure from manipulation and domination; he experiences a "rush" or "high" from victim's misery" (O'Conner). He killed and enjoyed the sport of killing for most of his life. He experienced the rush by dominating the victim with the initial blow to the head from a crowbar or piece of wood. His killings are psycholologically rooted into his past relationship with Stephanie Brook. Not only was he organized, but he even planned some of his murders by wearing a cast to lure some women to help him. "An Organized crime scene may not display obvious signs of organization" as we think of it around the home or office, but the entire scene will tend to display strong and obvious signs of a constant decision-making process that was carried out by the perpetrator throughout the commission of the crime" (Flacco). Ted Bundy could only be known as an organized killer. The characteristics of an organized offender are the total opposite of that of a disorganized offender. These characteristics are "average to above average intelligence, socially competent, living with partner, controlled mood during crime, use of alcohol with crime, mobility with car in good condition, and changing jobs or leaving town" (Petherick). ...read more.


He could transport the victims very easily and dispose of the victim's body after he was done. Ted was also known for leaving town. He was known by a lot of people as a wonderer and would leave town for awhile and just drive off and no one knew where he was. That is how he found where to dispose of the bodies. Ted disposed of the body after the rape and murder of these women. The disposal of the body is an indicator of an organized killer. By disposing of the body it destroys much of the evidence that is left on the body. Most of the bodies he disposed of were never found. The bodies that were found they were placed so that they knew he was still out there. He would also dispose of a few victims in the same grave site. Ted would pick up a victim in a different state and disposed of the body hundreds of miles away. He would perform his act and dispose of the body in a different jurisdiction in order to keep from linking any of the murders. The one thing that helped ted out the most is when he would lure the victims. ...read more.


It also allows him to do what he wants to do stealthily and not let anyone know or hear the victim scream. This is an essential part of organization too. Next Bundy would rape the victim and violate them with foreign objects. This part of the crime would give him the greatest form of control. By doing this act to these women he is violating Stephanie Brooks over and over again. He is hurting his first and only love over and over again because she hurt him. This part of the crime is the most violent and the most violating of the act. Not only does he violate them by raping the victims, he uses anything that he can get his hands on to violate them with. He also practiced necrophilia on the victims "Many serial murderers are necrophiliacs, they get a succinct sense of control while copulating with corpses--no potential misbehaving on behalf of the victim in this scenario, the killer's ideal fantasy cannot be fucked with" (Blue). And Ted isn't any different. He would go to the gravesite and lay down with the victim and reenact the event. He would come back on a numerous of occasions. He would have sex with the corpse until the decomposition of the body wouldn't allow him to. ...read more.

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