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Teenage Curfews.

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Citizenship Coursework Teenage Curfews The issue that I am studying and what both the articles are studying is the matter of teenage curfews. I am going to look at two articles to see what the press and newspapers, from different sides of the political spectrum, have to say about the concern of teenage curfews. There are arguments for and against, depending on what article it is. The main arguments for teenage curfews are that teenage "yobbery" and "hooliganism" have been increasing; whereas the main argument against teenage curfews is that it is "breaching young people's rights". The two articles are from the Guardian and the Daily Mail. The Guardian has the title "Teenage Curfews Criticised" this article has a balanced view with points for and against the use of teenage curfews. Whereas the Daily Mail's title is "Blair Blitz on Yobs" this article is a lot more biased and has loads of points for the curfew but none against it. The Guardian, on the left wing of the political spectrum, is a fair, balanced article with points and views for and against the installation of a teenage curfew. ...read more.


Simon Hughes (not related to Beverly Hughes), the Liberal democrat home affairs spokesman said the new orders risked stigmatising whole areas and where another example of the governments "strong authoritarian trend". As one teenager put it to me, it's punishing the whole class for the misbehaviour of one or two," he told the BBC Radio 4's Today program. I would say that this article has, overall, got a balanced view with balanced dialogue and uses a wide range of different opinions that has been used. The Daily Mail supports the work that Tony Blair is doing and has been interviewed with lots of references from him in this article; along with Stan Shiels, vice chairman of the British Legion club in Newham. Tony Blair says, "There are lots of big crimes we need to tackle and lots of things to do with public services, but when people go out of their doors or go down to their local British Legion Club or whatever, the problems they face are to do with fly tipping, abandoned cars, graffiti, petty vandalism." ...read more.


Burglaries fell by 17%, vehicle related theft by 11%, household theft by 16% and violent crime by 19%. I have looked at these statistics and I have found that the full picture tells a different story, more and more people are getting more scared by the day as mobile phone thefts and normal muggings are increasing, along with shootings almost doubling since 1995. Although I couldn't find much statistics about young people committing crime I did find articles saying how it is normally younger, drunk people who commit crimes, I also found this - Most of the people I have spoken to don't want a teenage curfew, but this is mainly because most of them are my age, 14-15 and would be subject to this law. I think that there shouldn't be a teenage curfew, mainly because of the arguments I have read about the introduction of teenage curfews and how it would be taking away a teenagers rights. Although I am a bit biased as I would be subject to it as well. I don't know what else can be done but I think an on the spot fine is a good idea as it would save the country a lot of money having to take them to court. ...read more.

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