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The breakfast club

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English coursework The breakfast club Walking into school on Monday morning at 9:00 I was wondering on how the day would go. I still wasn't sure on the whole concept of Saturdays detention. I had told nearly complete strangers about my life, things that I had never told before My friends knew about the detention but they didn't mention it. Like who would talk about Saturdays detention? That's valuable clothes talk time wasted! Josie and Marie talked about what they got from the mall, and their plans for this weekend, but all I could think about was John. Was I going mad from spending to much time with those misfits or for an hour or so, did I really like him? Thoughts ran through my head until I was practicly walking on the other side of the corridor away from my friends "Claire" Marie shouted. This took me out of my thoughts of John for a minute "What is wrong with you" marie carried on "I wasn't going to mention it, but are you ok from Saturday?" ...read more.


My stomach felt light and my skin went cold. I had never noticed him in class before, and now I had because I knew him. "Future prom queen talks to the school geek", I could see it now, the headlines of next weeks school paper. Don't be silly, I thought to myself, you wont even be making eye contact anytime soon so how would we ever engage in a conversation? I chuckled. Miss Belding looked up from the class book that we were reading. "Do you find this book funny Claire?" she asked me. I was shocked to hear her say this, but luckily I had done my studying about the book so I knew what was to happen in this chapter. "Ohh no miss, it's just that I had been reminded of the time in my life when something similar happened to me as did to the character Hank. I'm sorry". Belding returned to reading chapter nine and I congratulated myself on my excuse. ...read more.


I had already seen Alison in the morning but she was so weird and in another world that she didn't notice me. At that I was relieved. I remembered of how I did a make over on her and of her natural beauty. She was weird, I couldn't deny that but she could be accepted in the gang if she tried, but some people don't want to be popular, they want to be theirself. I thought long and hard for a while on how people were different and what makes them different but I couldn't really understand the whole concept of it. I thought that everybody would want to be popular, pretty, intelligent, wealthy and just have a good life on the whole, but people want different things. I wanted to show to myself that I was really a different person than I thought I was. I do care when I see scenes of uneccessary cruelty or bullying but I suppose I am not strong enough to stop what is going on around me. Again my day changed. One minute it would be a normal day but the next it would be a reminder of my detention. ...read more.

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