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The dictionary defines deviance as the breakdown or diversion from the accepted norm or expected standards of behaviour of a society.

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DEVIANCE & SOCIETY Determining Deviance The dictionary defines deviance as the breakdown or diversion from the accepted norm or expected standards of behaviour of a society. The concept of deviance however has no standard definition, it is deemed to be culturally relative. That is to say that your culture (norms, values and morals) determine what you as an individual or your society deems deviant behaviour. Functionalist Findings on Deviance The functionalist sociologist would see deviance as a necessary evil for society to function. This may seem contradictory to their belief that any form of conflict (deviance being a form of conflict) in society would be considered abnormal and should be removed or cured but deviance does help keep a form of structure in our society. The functionalist believe that this evil is necessary because deviance helps keeps balance, because it provides jobs for judges, law enforcement offices ,social workers and other people who act as control mechanism for deviance in our society. From reading The Consensus Theory the functionalist believes in consensus change, so therefore in the functionalist society consensus change acquired through deviant behaviour should be acceptable to them. ...read more.


This reaction takes the form of civil unrests as well as coups that are organised to overturn the ruling class of society and thus freeing themselves from the daily oppression that they face. The ruling class have what everyone else seeks at some point in their lives; material possessions. The working class seek what they cannot necessarily have because of the unequal distribution of wealth and this is where the deviance comes in; the working class will attempt to gain these material possessions by illegal methods like stealing, which would be a deviant and criminal act because it is contrary to the way in which possessions are obtained. Crime & Deviance in the Caribbean If one has been keeping abreast of the current affairs in the Caribbean you would have noticed that there as been an upsurge in the recent years of deviant and criminal acts performed by some members of the society. Guyana has been plagued by a spate of kidnappings, Trinidad has seen a number of fatal gang related shootings and kidnappings, involving government officials, and Barbados has been affected by several shootings and armed robberies. ...read more.


This type of behaviour was met with punishment if the slaves involved were caught. This same mentality is said to be still existent in our society, where this is exacted out in the kidnappings of government officials, could the people of these countries be feeling oppressed and are expressing their feelings by kidnapping government officials. The media undeniable has impacted on the Caribbean society, even though the media it self is not responsible for deviant behaviour, it influences the individuals whose minds are subject to negative material. It has been said that some criminals have admitted to carry out deviant activities that they had witnessed at some point in time on the television. The media forms a sort of false ideology by portraying an unrealistic view of real life events giving people a distorted and glamorised view of violence. This glamorised violence is thought to be cool and is exacted out by the people who witnessed it and where influenced by it in a negative way. In conclusion deviance can be said to be detrimental on our society but when deviance is used to the betterment of the masses then the ends can have been said to justify the means. ...read more.

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