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The immigrants

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The immigrants As we know today, there are many different ethnicities that are living in the United States, the immigrants. When the immigrants arrive in the United States, they are most likely to be exposed to the American culture and many other cultures. For this reason, to assimilate into American society is important because if they don't, they will be isolated from the mainstream and they also will be separated from the other cultures. Therefore, I think when immigrants arrive in a new country they should assimilate the new culture and adopt new rules to their old culture to understand other cultures, to learn English, and to move into mainstream society. ...read more.


It was very tough for me to understand their culture, way of doing things. However I began to realize that if I didn't learn to understand other cultures than my own, I may not understand what other students are doing and why they are doing in different ways. We all need to understand other cultures because there is not only one culture in the world. Therefore, immigrants assimilate into the new cultures is very important to the society. Pursuing this further, learning English is second important thing that immigrants should adopt when they come to America because without English, immigrants can't never fully understand the concepts of things that they do. ...read more.


Therefore, knowing English is not only helping to understand but also helping to gain opportunities to have better education in society. To move into mainstream society could help immigrants to get involve in American society. When immigrants assimilate, they will advance in American society. The immigrants will realize their dreams when they move into the mainstream society, that will help them to build their dreams to succeed. In addition, when immigrants adopt American culture they can also add to the unity of America. To conclude, immigrants I think immigrants should assimilate in the American society as best as they can so that they can recognize the differences between the cultures, communicate, and shift to the mainstream society. ...read more.

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