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The Impact of Intercultural Communication within My World

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´╗┐Kelsey Simpson Myles Hill CMN 103 October 10, 2012 The Impact of Intercultural Communication within My World The concept of Intercultural Communication has been a part of everyone regardless of whether they realize it or not. Every day we make choices and learn things that improve how we interact with people from similar and different backgrounds from our own. Through one aspect or another, learning about and interacting with people from all walks of life and cultures has been a part of my life since I was very young. Intercultural Communication has helped me to positively experience other people and other ways of life. Originally, because of the way my parents were both brought up, I was brought up in a very sheltered and one-sided mindset. I had heard about other ways of thinking and other ideas, but it was almost as if they were like fairy tales that people knew about but never really believed. If someone didn?t share your particular thoughts, you weren?t rude to them, but you didn?t spend much time with them either. I have since learned that this is not at all how to successfully function in today?s world. ...read more.


On most of the trips that we went on, we had to change something about how we acted or looked be it the words we chose to use or how we dressed. In changing our dress, that was usually a religious aspect with whatever country we were in but sometimes it was for many different reasons. During one of the trips that we took to Canada, we had to alter things even down to our lifestyles. We were asked to only wear clothing without labels or even college names on them as we were in an area where most of the families could not afford to buy their children expensive clothes or did not have the opportunity for an education after high school. We were also told not to bring up any expensive gadgets that we may own or to use any sort of in depth vocabulary as there might be common words that we know and use, but that would be unfamiliar to those who we were ministering to. These steps were taken with the intention that the people we were communicating and working with would feel comfortable enough opening up to us and that they would not feel any sort of intimidation. ...read more.


I thought I was open-minded before I came here, and I may have been by anyone?s stereotypical Southern standards, but once I caught my first glimpse of Boystown, or had three different roommates all at once from different countries in the DePaul dorms, I had never fully grasped how diverse the world, let alone my own country could be. Since arriving here, I have slowly been able to come unwound from my strict background and embrace people and ideas that I never thought that I would before, either because I was taught not to, or even because I didn?t know certain types of people existed. Intercultural Communication has allowed me to broaden my idea of what is normal or what is accepted within our society today, and it is quite a bit more than I could have ever imagined. I have no idea what sort of future is in store for me, but I would like to think it will be in the Advertising field where I can help companies appeal to and reach larger audiences through having the knowledge of various types of people and cultures. I feel as though my life has changed and will continue to grow for the better with the use and continuously changing concept of Intercultural Communication. ...read more.

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