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The Morality of Drug-Testing In the Workplace

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The Morality of Drug-Testing In the Workplace The function of morals in society is more or less to distinguish between what is best for society as a whole, generally speaking, the way for the most people to be happy. Drugs in society are looked down upon, though widely used throughout civilization. More importantly, drugs are given a negative outlook especially when they put other innocent lives in danger. Drugs in the workplace create hazard upon hazard no matter what the job may be, however, people have the right to do whatever they want on their own free time, as long as it does not cause harm to others. This is where a moral dilemma is developed. Are the rights of others to have a safe working environment greater than the right to privacy? The morality of drug-testing is more than just a matter of drug-abuse in the workplace, as it presses the issue of an employees basic right to privacy as well as an employers right to getting the most out of each of their employees. Employers have the right to getting the most out of each worker and employees have the duty to protect society from any harm, financial, physical, or emotional. ...read more.


Philosopher Hugh LaFollette stated, "Employers can make extensive demands on their employees, simply because it is their pleasure." The employer is giving the employee a chance to make a living. If the employee wants to retain a job, they need to show respect to their employer by not working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The employer owns the business; therefore the employer sets the standards. * * * Society as a whole is expected morally to protect each of their citizens, and if drugs are being brought into the workplace, a major moral dilemma is brought to attention. It is a fact that drugs and alcohol, while used on the job, can only cause harm. One survey reported that employees who are drug users have three times the accident rate as non-users. This reason more than any other seems to justify drug testing in itself, as it approaches the moral dilemma of protecting each and every member of society from any infliction. More important than the loss of production, if in fact drugs are used on the job, is the safety of fellow co-workers as well as innocent bystanders. John Stuart Mill stated, "The only purpose for which power can be rightly exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others." ...read more.


A major tragedy would not only hurt those directly involved, but also indirectly hurt those close to the victims. Overall, one worker neglecting the risks of what drugs or alcohol could bring about in the workplace could hurt so many people. * * * Drugs and alcohol in the workplace hurt more than just the user, but they threaten the employer, the business they work for, and most important, they put innocent people's lives in danger. Drug testing would make people feel more secure about their own safety on the job and would give employers the idea that they are getting the most out of each of their employees. Drug testing promotes responsibility in the workplace, for each other and for the job itself. If drugs are of any concern in a particular workplace and there is a possibility of them causing immediate harm to other people or to the business over time, than drug testing is necessary in order to stop the problem before it surfaces. Businesses give the privilege of work to people so that they can make an income suitable for healthy living. In turn, it is expected that employees show their employers, co-workers, and all of the innocent citizens of society the same respect they would expect to receive themselves. Drug testing in the workplace will help prevent financial losses to employers and protect honest citizens from danger in society. ...read more.

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