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The Overcrowding Problem in Hong Kong.

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´╗┐Overcrowding problem is a socially hot talk in the society recently. Yet, the government has been paying a lot of effort and putting much emphasis on this issue in order to create a better living condition for her residents. Living in a cramped area, people want to move to other places that is much more comfortable or hope the area that they are living now can be renewed as soon as possible because overcrowding is seriously undermining their quality of life in different aspects. With regard to the safety of the overcrowded area, the area is often regarded as dangerous because of a number of social problems. We all know that the rental price of flats in an overcrowded area, like Kwun Tong and Mong Kwok, is cheaper than others in the town. ...read more.


Those who are difficult to make a living is likely to commit crimes as they just cannot provide a better environment or daily necessities to their family members and offspring. Together with other favorable condition of overcrowded area, they may engage in drug smuggling, theft, prostitutions, gang activities? Overcrowded area is a hotbed of developing crimes which is threatening other innocent residents. In respect of hygiene problem, it is another concerning issue. Generally speaking, overcrowded area is unhygienic. Starting from a flat, it is common that a large flat is separated to several small rooms which can be leased out at a lower price to different people. Recently, we can find that some people are living in a cage featuring only a tiny space for just sleeping. ...read more.


If there are no any corresponding regulations, resources may be unevenly distributed. Even worse, the extensive use of those properties can lead to a faster rate of deterioration which deprives other of having a better living environment and fair resources allocation. Never can the people obtain what they desire and have a ideal quality of life in a community if they are living in a high density, overcrowded area that have limited resources. Overcrowding derives a lot of problems that can worsen the overall general living standard, such as safety problem, hygiene problem and resources allocation. Being on of the metropolis of the world, Hong Kong is supposed to guarantee to her residents that nobody?s quality of life is going to be damaged because of the overcrowding of an area. Every individual has the right to have a comfortable, pleasant living environment. ...read more.

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