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The purpose of this report is to evaluate and reflect upon my experience of working in a group situation

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´╗┐Pink Form Group Evaluation The purpose of this report is to evaluate and reflect upon my experience of working in a group situation. I will be using different theorist to assist me in this task. Lewin (1948, p 73-75) argued that if a group are dependent on each other for the success of a task then a ?powerful dynamic is created.? He also explained that although people may come into the group with different personalities, but, if they share a common goal, they will work together so that the goal is achieved. I believe this applied to our group at first because enthusiasm was high. However, both peer A and myself were the ones who became more committed to this task. This involved staying late after college and collaborating on the presentation on our study days. (Zander 1982, p. 2-3) explains that individuals who are in close proximity to each other develop stronger bonds and work better as a group. He also mentions that successful groups who regularly spend time together become more unified within a group setting. Unfortunately we were unable to meet up when our term had ended and this may have contributed to a lack of cohesion within the group. Belbin (2010) identified that there are 9 team roles based on a series of statements that constitute the 'Self-Perception Inventory' (SPI).The statements that are answered are based on an individual?s personal awareness of what you would do given a certain situation. ...read more.


Pennington (2002, p. 83-84) regarded cohesiveness as the ?glue that holds the group together?. He states that without this factor being present the group may not be able to function properly. I feel that we lacked cohesiveness in our group. This may have been down to the lack of time we spent together because of a break in our course and that we were unable to form a strong bond together. Tuckman (1965) identifies that there are four stages of development in group work, these are, forming, storming, norming and performing. These distinct stages are worked through to achieve maximum potential. His theory is relevant to team building exercises and the model explains how a team develops through working process, group development, maturity and ability. Relationships are developed and a common goal established which should enable success for that group. Communication is a vital component for the group to move on through the stages. (Pennington, 2002, p.12-13) states that communications within a group can be misheard and a misinterpreted. This can be down to a number of reasons such as ?emotion, selective perception or even language?. For a group to be effective good communication skills are essential. Communication skills between us were very poor at times. Except for a few text messages between peer B and myself, the only people who actively communicated were peer A and myself. ...read more.


14th September 2012 Peer A and myself go to the college and work on the presentation. Peer A types the presentation and we both have an equal input of what is to go on the slides. 17th September 2012 Peer A, B and I spend our lunch break going over the slides and also discuss about what we?re going to say. Peer B thought that peer A had too many slides and they did seem to be a little stressed about it. I tried to reassure them about the situation and that we could change the number of slides they had. 24th September 2012 This was the first time we were all back together again. We all discuss with peer C if they should do the group presentation with us or one on their own. We all decide that he will join in with us. We discuss what sections of the presentation he will have. I show him some of the information that I had gathered on the subject, which I hope will help as we haven?t got long till the presentation. 1st October 2012 We meet up in the library and go through the slides and listen to what each other has written for the presentation. I felt that the information source that peer C has used is not ideal and point this out to them. I did suggest another source but they thought this one was ok. Peer A did agree with me and we hoped that they would change it. Peer A typed the references up. ...read more.

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