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The purpose of this report is to present the problems and results of an investigation associated with graffiti in Fruitgrove, especially along the train station

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 RESEARCH METHODS 2 2.0 CAUSES OF GRAFFITI 3 2.1 THRILLING RISKS 3 2.2 ATTENTION AND RECOGNITION 3 3.0 PROBLEMS CAUSED BY GRAFFITI 4 3.1 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 4 3.2 ECONOMIC PROBLEMS 4 3.3 ENVIRONMENTAL 4 4.0 CONCLUSION 5 5.0 RECOMMENDATIONS/PROPOSAL 6 5.1 SOCIAL 6 5.2 ENVIRONMENTAL 7 5.3 ECONOMICAL 7 APPENDIX 8 APPENDIX A 8 APPENDIX B 12 APPENDIX C 14 BIBLIOGRAPHY 15 1.0 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to present the problems and results of an investigation associated with graffiti in Fruitgrove, especially along the train station. This report was written in response from interested members of the community to the local council. Graffiti are described as ugly, anti-social daubs (See Appendix A) which give an expression of urban decay and criminal intent. Not only does it cause much unnecessary trouble to those around the area, but also cost the government 'significant financial outlays' in graffiti prevention and removal schemes. Therefore, this issue needs to be addressed urgently. Figure1 Figure2 1.1 Research Methods Many different research methods were used to produce this report. These involve observations, physical investigation and taking photos around the Fruitgrove train station, survey feedback, books, Internet research, newspaper articles and local government documents. ...read more.


(Callinan 2002) 3.2 Economic Problems Every year, the government spends an estimated cost of at least $300 million in graffiti prevention and removal schemes. This is a considerable large sum and would benefit all Australians if put into good use, such as offering more places and subsidizing the cost of studying in universities or build better facilities in some neighbourhoods. Besides, tourists travelling to Brisbane might feel uncomfortable with seeing these scrawls, since it gives an impression that crime is out of control. This might have a great impact on both the tourism industry and QANTAS, one of Australia's largest airline companies. 3.3 Environmental Survey results (See Appendix B) show that many Fruitgrove residents find these hideous daubs not only distressing as it destroys the natural environmental surroundings, but also degrades the quality of life. Moreover, residents are anxious that the value of their property might be affected if graffiti continues to spread. 4.0 CONCLUSION The research gives evidence that Graffiti is a very serious issue and should be dealt with quickly. 4.1 Writing Graffiti usually means committing two crimes-stealing the paint and vandalising private or public property. 4.2 Graffiti creates a sense of fear about crime around the neighbourhood. ...read more.


Therefore, there would be fewer cases of graffiti since the graffitist might choose to do legal graffiti instead. However, there are many residents who dislike this idea because they believe it degrades the suburb as much as illegal graffiti) 5.16 1st August (Graffiti Clean Up Day) should be made a public so that everyone can be involved with graffiti removal. (The majority of the residents who completed this survey liked this idea. However, it may cause a lot of trouble, especially to employers) 5.17 In the 1970s, New York developed a variety of anti-graffiti strategies, which proved to be successful over time. These includes punishing the offenders by making them clean up graffiti marked areas, using razor wire fencing to protect the area, and developing materials to ease graffiti removal. (This is an ideal plan because graffiti decreased dramatically in New York a while after these strategies were developed. These strategies should help decrease the graffiti in Australia as well as it did in New York) 5.2 Environmental 5.21 Encourage owners to build plants and shrubs alongside the wall. Not only does it eliminate the access, but also enhances the property and beautification of the suburb. 5.3 Economical 5.31 Consider providing free public transport for young people on weekends to give them alternative recreational opportunities. (Many people disagreed with this because it might result in a tax increase. ...read more.

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