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The social and economic impact of crime in the Caribbean and the measures advocated for dealing with this problem.

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INTRODUCTION PROBLEM STATEMENT: The social and economic impact of crime in the Caribbean and the measures advocated for dealing with this problem. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: Crime retards economic growth and development. The Caribbean could reduce crime by first assessing the factors responsible for crime and thereafter formulating and implementing policies that address the root causes of crime. Crime and violence prevention and public security have become key social issues of concern to public policy makers and citizens in the Caribbean. In this study, the Caribbean countries with the highest rate of crime will be examined. They include: the Bahamas, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and Haiti. RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1. What are the factors responsible for crime? 2. What are the solutions to crime? 3. What is the economic impact of crime on the Caribbean? PURPOSE OF RESEARCH The purpose of this research is to discover the root causes of crime, its economic impact and what can be done to reduce the crime rate in the Caribbean. It will serve to educate individuals and myself on the severity of the issue plaguing the region. ...read more.


On March 5th 2007, at 4pm, I commenced the distribution of the questionnaires. When I arrived at the various households, I explained what was required of them, the nature of the assignment and the date and time that I would return to collect the questionnaires. In instances where members were not at home, the questionnaires were left in their mail box with a note informing them of what they needed to know. On March 9th 2007, at 4pm, I returned to collect the questionnaires. Only forty two questionnaires were completed and returned to me, four were mis - placed and the remaining four were not answered nor returned. Therefore, forty two questionnaires represented my hundred percent sample. After collecting the questionnaires, I thanked the participants who assisted me, in my project. QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Gender: Male Female 2. Age: __________ 3. How would you define crime? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 4. Have you ever been a victim of crime or know someone who has? Yes No 5. Are you acquainted with anyone who is involved in crime? ...read more.


Consequently, I would like to thank the individuals of my community, Freeport, for their support and valuable time spent on answering the questionnaires given. I thank my mother, who assisted me in locating some of the material used as background for this research and my friends, who aided in the pre - testing of my questionnaires. Finally, special thanks go to my teacher, Mr. Forbes, who guided me every step of the way through this project. LITERATURE REVIEW To gain comprehensive background knowledge on this topic, a number of research articles, as well as research that was done on the internet were utilized. Crime is a problem that plagues many, if not most Caribbean countries. In some instances this situation is increasing, whereas in other situations measures are being implemented to eradicate this problem. Crime is a term that refers to many types of misconduct forbidden by law. Crime can be grouped into two: substantive offenses, which involves severe punishment and regulatory offenses, which is generally punished by fines. Substantive offenses include major crimes such as arson, assault, burglary, kidnapping, murder, rape, larceny and robbery. Regulatory offenses include violation of income tax laws, liquor- control regulations, drug laws and traffic laws. ...read more.

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