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There are innumerable contradictory explanations for the causation of crime.

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Crime There are innumerable contradictory explanations for the causation of crime. Some blame it on a lack of self control, some a lack of decent jobs, some super predators, some moral poverty, some poverty itself and still others explain that is laws themselves that create crime. All are partially correct. The problem with an issue such as crime's causation is that it requires the generalization of a very varied group of people. By generalizing humans or even the more specific group of "offenders"1 there are bound to be a great deal of contradictory results. Each person has a different situation and a different force that drives them to crime. Because of this there is really no one right answer to the question of crimes causation in any society. Yet it is possible to boil it down to a few basics. Crime is often the result of a scarcity of good jobs, poor parenting and a lack of self control. In today's fast paced, consumer based, and instant gratification centered world it is almost impossible not to have a certain lack of self control. ...read more.


Research on the relation between family conditions and delinquency "reports that discipline, supervision,, and affection tend to be missing in the homes of delinquents, that the behavior of the parents is often 'poor' (e.g., excessive drinking and poor supervision) and that the parents of delinquents are unusually likely to have criminal records themselves."6 "Of the parental characteristics associated with delinquency, criminality is the most striking and most consistent."7 Parents who themselves cannot curb their own wants in-order to lead what are considered socially acceptable lives can by no means teach their children how to do so. Almost all of the personality based theories on crimes causation are a result of poor parenting in some form. Bennett explains that "it is no surprise that the rise in serious youth violence has coincided with a rise in instances of child abuse and neglect."8 This is partially true because people are becoming more likely to recognize and report such problems. However, abuse (alcohol, physical, emotional etc.) of any sort can impale a parents ability to teach their children how to be successful in life. ...read more.


Just 14 percent were were paid more than $175.12 This shows that the majority of the men where in the so called secondary labor market and supports Witte's explanation. There are many causes of crime. Some are internal, where as others are external. Yet none of these act alone. It is the mix of such problems that lead a person to commit a crime. A lack of self-control a scarcity of good jobs, and poor parenting are only a couple of the innumerable causes of crime today. However, they are some of the most encompassing of those troubles which exist. 1, Micheal R. Gottfredson and Travis Hischi, Lack of Self-Control Causes Crime (San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1990), 176. 2 Gottfredson and Hirschi, Lack of Self-Control Causes Crime, 172. 3 Ibid., 174. 4 Ibid., 177. 5 Ibid., 176. 6 Ibid., 180. 7 Ibid., 180. 8 William J. Bennett, John Dilulio Jr., John P. Walters, Body Count: Moral Poverty and How to Win America's War Against Crime and Drugs (New York: Simon and Shuster, 1996) , 77-78. 9 , Elliot Currie, Confronting Crime: An American Challenge (New York: Pantheon Books, 1985), 112 10 Ibid., 115. 11 Ibid., 113. 12 Ibid., 113. ...read more.

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