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There Should be no Censorship in the UK. Assess the Arguments For and Against this View

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There Should be no Censorship in the UK. Assess the Arguments For and Against this View (20) There are many types of censorship which exist, ranging from the 'old fashioned' type of censorship of communist governments towards the media, right through to today's democratic censorship of television, the press, and the arts. Sex, violence, and censorship are all emotive subjects, conjuring many views from people of all walks of life. In this essay I am going to be examining the aspects of censorship and the different views towards it. Many people believe that censorship is very aesthetic, inhibiting the truth and reality of artistic talent and everyday life. They believe that everyone should have the right to decide for themselves what to watch or read and that no one has the right to make up somebody else's mind for them. ...read more.


An example of this occurred not very long ago in such close proximity as Bourne. An eighteen-year-old youth decided to imitate Eminem (the famously controversial white rapper from the USA) and tied his sister up while his parents were away, then proceeded to beat her and threaten to kill her with a chainsaw. When asked to comment upon his actions he said only that he didn't see what was wrong and that he was simply mimicking Eminem. And violence and sex are supposed to be seen as catharsis?? However, it must also be commented upon that violence can be a deterrent to young people by reinforcing opposition. Films which support this include 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. This is not true all the time however and it must be remembered that violence is often glorified, encouraging callous attitudes. ...read more.


Old people have the right not to have to be confronted with obscene language, just as members of religions shouldn't have to put up with their faith being ridiculed on national television. Those campaigning for censorship also believe that the paparazzi should be prevented from intruding on people's privacy. Without censorship, therefore, there will be no restraints held against the press, even in situations such as a family crisis after a murder of plane crash. It can therefore be concluded that although censorship is very prominent in the United Kingdom, there is a strong case against it. It must however be examined in great detail, as though there are many disadvantages, the advantages of censorship suggest it is vital to the smooth running of the country and bringing up of children. It may sometimes appear that there is no need for it, but without the imposition of regulations, the democracy of Britain could well shatter. ...read more.

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