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Title: Youth Crime in Hong Kong ---- What is responsible?

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Corrections Title: Youth Crime in Hong Kong ---- What is responsible? Is Hong Kong really a safe place to live in? According to a recent crime statistics conducted by the Hong Kong Police Force, the public order in Hong Kong has slightly deteriorated as the overall crime rate in the first half of 2003 has increased by nearly 13% in comparison with that of 2002. The most alarming finding was that there were 2832 youngsters arrested for crime in that period. The most common offences committed by the youngsters were shop theft, pickpocketing, selling drugs and pirated goods. So many cases if youth crime happened in Hong Kong, what is responsible? The family, society or school? ...read more.


Due to little communication between parents and children and insufficient parental guidance, the children easily go astray as they are not able to distinguish right from wrong and so they are easily influenced by the surroundings and the people around them ---- the society. Why is the society responsible for youth crime? Someone may think that there is no direct relationship between the society and youth crime but it is not the case. Messages are transmitted to the public through the mass media. The method used by them may not be suitable for all the people especially youngsters. As the mass media may use a new method, which is completely different from the traditional one ---- directly tell the truth, to tell the public what is right and what is wrong, youngsters may not be able to identify the newly used method and understand the actual meaning behind. ...read more.


Youngsters may therefore neglect the actual meaning behind and just believe that violence can solve all problems. They will then follow what the actors have done ---- fight with others when they have disputes with others and commit assault. It is really a pity. In fact, all the above problems can be avoided if the family has taken the right approaches to treating their children. If the parents spend more time with their children, communicating with them, educating them and satisfying their spiritual needs other than their material needs, the youngsters will be more likely to develop a positive attitude towards life. They will understand that committing crime is wrong and so they will not do anything which contravenes the law. In conclusion, the family has the greatest responsibility for youth crime in Hong Kong. ...read more.

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