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To what extent has Bedstone undergone gentrification?

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AS Level Geography Coursework Chris Fray To what extent has Bedstone undergone gentrification? Firstly I feel it would be a very sensible idea to write down my definition of gentrification, as at the end of the day that is what this coursework is about. "Conversion and renovation of redundant farm buildings into dwellings or different crafts by changing the structure (fa´┐Żade) of them to get it up to date, essentially modernisation. This is often done by wealthier people moving in from the outside community and results in a raise of the settlements' socio-economic status, i.e. the community goes from a working class one into a middle class one due to people moving in. Also there is a change of a villages' function\ purpose to its community." However, has Bedstone undergone gentrification at all? Yes, I feel it has and by quite a considerable degree. Using my definition above I will investigate the many factors involved to come to an intelligent decision. Bedstone originated as an agricultural functioned village and the local area was covered with working farms. ...read more.


From another graph you can see that 61% of people in the village have moved from outside the county some as far a field as Scotland and Devon. As mentioned before workers who did their jobs at the school, inn, and diary or on the farms populated Bedstone. Basically this was a working class village with every adult working. Things like retirement and pensions were neither heard of nor apparent at that time. However, as the village population diminished and the services went things changed. The population fell continually from 162 in 1891 to just 75 in 1961. However, soon retirement become part of culture, our country became wealthier and so did the people. We could afford two cars and to travel quit far distances to work. Therefore commuters and retired people began to settle in villages just like Bedstone. People who could work from home, another opportunity, which has become possibly in the late 20th century, followed these. Accumulated together they have colonized Bedstone and changed the whole structure, function and hierarchy of it. ...read more.


Since then he has taken residence in one of the bungalows adding a garden and gate whilst meanwhile renovating the second. He plans to rent out or sell the second bungalow in the future, however, at the moment he is improving it to make it more valuable. This is gentrification in a nutshell and he is setting the trend. Mr Ambrose, another relatively new resident of the village has told me of further developments around the village indicating further gentrification and growth of the village. Unfortunately this further development will bring many problems with it, too numerous to mention and it is unclear what the future holds. However what is clear is that gentrification has happened in Bedstone and to a considerable degree, which hopefully has been shown. Bedstone has been through the whole process of gentrification of conversion and renovation of buildings, a rise in its socio-economic class, as well as a massive influx of people from the outside community. The trend is still going strong and I see no reason why the factors just mentioned won't continue far into the future. We should ask ourselves however, what does the future hold for Bedstone? ...read more.

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