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To what extent would sociologists agree that official criminal statistics by themselves, do not give an accurate picture of the extent of crime.

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Sociology Essay Question- To what extent would sociologists agree that official criminal statistics be themselves, do not give an accurate picture of the extent in terms of crime. The official crime statistics on there own are ok to some extent, they give some accuracy on the crime statistics but they don't show the whole picture, there is still a lot of crime which is not reported (this is known as the hidden figure). Moreover self report studies give better pictures to the public about criminal statistics. Self reported studies are confidential surveys that ask people to tick off boxes from a list. From this a clear picture is created and therefore the statistics can tell the truth. ...read more.


Another reason why the official criminal statistics might be wrong is because people may consider the reported crime to be too trivial or to be a mistake. This will have an affect on the overall statistics because the crime reported might be minor such as theft of �1.50 from an old lady's purse, but yet reported and put into the official criminal statistics. So there might be some crime in the statistics which shouldn't really be there, therefore the statistics might not tell the truth. Moreover not all crimes are detected in the first place, so it cannot be reported to the police. For example a man might get away with pick pocketing a person without him/her realising it, so this crime will not be detected. ...read more.


I think that the idea of victim studies is very effective because it can help to give a clear understanding of the official crime statistics. Also it can help and make the statistics clear. Basically the statistics will be clear and will tell the truth because the data is taken from a whole load of different people. In conclusion I think that the official criminal statistics are ok to some extent but there are other things which help to create a better picture such as self reported studies and victim studies etc... These things can help the make the official crime statistics tell the truth. As where as the official crime statistics might miss out crimes which have not been reported for a number of reasons, the figures will then be not accurate. ...read more.

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