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Using the material from item A and elsewhere access the contribution of Marxism to our understanding of the role of education.

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´╗┐Using the material from item A and elsewhere access the contribution of Marxism to our understanding of the role of education. Marxists have a critical view on the role of education. Capitalists society is a two class system, where ruling class exploit the working class. Like it says in Item A, Althusser argues that the bourgeoisie use two apparatuses to control the working class. The first is Repressive state apparatus which controls the working class through force or threat, for example the police or the army. The next is Ideological state apparatus which control the ideas of the working class, making them think capitalism is a fair system, for example the education system, religion and especially in the media. He also argues that education is an important ISA, which performs two functions. It reproduces class inequalities by making sure that the working class pupils fail and it also legitimates class inequalities by producing ideologies to hide its true purpose. Pupils learn that failure in school is their own fault. ...read more.


These boys formed a counter-school culture, meaning that they rejected school, skipped lessons and messed about in the ones they went to. They saw the idea of school being meritocratic as a con and saw manual work as more masculine than non-manual work. Due to their behaviour in school they ended up in low-paid jobs. According to Willis, by restricting schools, the boys guaranteed they ended up in the lower-paid jobs capitalism needs people to perform. Bourdieu argues that the middle class pupils achieve more that working class as both they and their parents possess more capital than the working class. These include economic capital, educational capital and cultural capital. Middle class pupils possess more cultural capital simply because their parents take them to places such as art galleries, classical music concerts and the theatre. All of these places and what they see help with their education. Middle class parents also possess cultural Capital because they have good knowledge of the education system, which they use to get their children into the best schools. ...read more.


Ethnicity also clearly shows that the education system isn?t equal. We can see trends in educational achievement related to ethnicity. For example Chinese and Indian students tend to achieve more, whereas Pakistani and black students tend not to achieve. This could also relate to poverty as the working class children and the black ethnic children are more likely to be in poverty. Post-modernists argue that Marxists don?t look at this. They don?t look at all at ethnicity or gender. Contrasting with Marxists view, Liberal Feminists believe that further progress will be made by girls and so they will continue to develop. They say that also continuing to push the equal opportunity policies is dealing with sexist attitudes towards women. Radical Feminists argue that even-though girls are achieving more, the education system is still patriarchal. An example of this is girls are still sexually harassed in schools. There are also still many more male head teachers than women. In conclusion this then relates back to how they are treated in school and will never get into the best schools, therefore will hardly ever achieve highly. ...read more.

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