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Violence in the media.

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Violence in the media MORAL PANIC In relation to the media, moral panic can be defined as being an unjustified fear of something, which tends to find expression on a wide scale in the public arena; blaming an object or activity for a wider social evil. Such controversies in the past have arisen with transcript such as the 'Penny Dreadful's, or films, which incorporated crime, as they were seen to promote violence to younger individuals. A good example of moral panic can be referred to the Jamie Bulger case, which came to the conclusion that after the two accused murders watched a supposed horror film about a psychotic doll, they became deluded and set out to re-create the film, and as an attempt killed Jamie Bulger. ...read more.


And then were given the same survey at the end of the session to find out if after watching these films could change their opinion on the issues. They were then showed a fake law case on a rape trial, to see if their opinion of women had changed and if they felt remorse for her. The experiment proved fairly accurate and showed that the boys could become desensitized to such events, as they believed the woman deserved what had happen to her. What society doesn't see is that by blaming the media for such events is only avoiding the real issues, which are the real cause to such problems occurring in modern society. ...read more.


In my opinion the law should still keep records on such criminals, this may even include what films they take out of video shops. As for children, it's the parent's responsibility to monitor what their children watch, as they play an important part when it comes to their mental and physical upbringing. Censorship can be argued as being both a good and bad form of media constraints. However not everything should be censored as this doesn't allow people to make up their own minds, but instead propagates what they should and shouldn't see. The good thing about this may only apply to children as stated above their minds still cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, and hence need to watch programs which stimulate their minds without corrupting them. By Shana Canaii ...read more.

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