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Whait is society

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What is society? In the dictionary the definition of society is Human beings considered as a group, however isn't society that and so much more, put that to the theory of a group of 380 people that have crash landed on a remote island and all hope of finding them have been lost then surely that is classed as a society but what actually is a society it's is more than just a group of humans. In the case of the 380 people that have been forced to survive on a remote island where there is no means of communication, what do they need to survive, a basic requirement for a society is the means to be able to survive as a society otherwise the society will just die out to survive they need the basic requirements of any human being they need to have food and water, but how does one go about getting food and water whilst stuck on a desert island for there are many ...read more.


said and this could cause the possibility of a coup by the people who disagree, another problem is that some people may feel that they don't get an equal say in the events that are happening on the island should this be the case then the leader has the obligation to ensure that the people who feel they are not being listened to get there say. One of the biggest if not the biggest problems would be the children this would be because for some children they may not trust strangers and for them to survive on the island they will have to listen to the people in charge, another problem would be who would look after the children as there may be small children that are stranded on the island, this would all fall to the leader to decide, another question is what happens to any newborn babies born as there may not be a nurse or midwife to look after them, the leader again will have to appoint someone to this position. ...read more.


have to sit with an elected representative from each racial and ethnic group so that should any problems arise they can speak to their elected leader which can then in turn speak to the leader of the society. Another problem that has to be dealt with is the problem of what to do if people break the laws set out by the leaders of the society, for this problem to be dealt with efficiently the leaders of the society should appoint a group of people that should enforce the rules set by the leaders thus becoming like a police force. In conclusion a society is more than just a group of human beings, society is the running of and control of a moral people with expectations and hopes of continuing what they started due to the fact that they unfortunately crash landed on a deserted island. A society is also what brings people closer together because of tragedy and mishaps that have happened to them. By James Goldstein 12WM ...read more.

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