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What do I understand about Functionalism?

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What do I understand about Functionalism? I have researched on Functionalism and believe that Functionalist's began with Emilie Durkheim; He died in 1917 and wasn't a functionalist but his ideas were very crucial. His key idea was the 'Conscience Collective' this was passed down through Family [parents telling you from right and wrong]then Education [values which are known in schools such as got to obey those who are older and who have authority over you] lastly working hard where you will always get rewarded. This idea was adopted by Functionalism. The 'Conscience Collective' also influences you in everyday situations in life. Functionalists mostly believe that values, beliefs and rules which are accepted by everyone in the society are what hold the society together. Functionalism is the oldest, and still the dominant, theoretical perspective in sociology and many other social sciences. ...read more.


For example education has a function to make sure people are educated to be good at the job they will get after school People are socialized into roles and behaviors which fulfill the needs of society. Functionalists believe that behavior in society is structural. They believe that rules and regulations help organize relationships between members of society. Values provide general guidelines for behavior in terms of roles and norms. These institutions of society such as the family, the economy, the educational and political systems, are major aspects of the social structure. Institutions are made up of interconnected roles or inter-related norms. For example, inter-connected roles in the institution of the family are of wife, mother, husband, father, son and daughter. Functionalists believe that one can compare society to a living organism, in that both a society and an organism are made up of interdependent working parts [organs] and systems that must function together in order for the greater body to function. ...read more.


of this would be [taught individuality] which well help the person to themselves. Provision of skills- Basic skills which are learned in school would be Literacy/Numeracy; working skills which would be those in authority should be obeyed and lastly social skills which will be needed in the work place as well as knowing how to interact with others. Role Allocation- This is where the school fits each of us with a role which bests suits our abilities e.g. such as pupils who are academic are provided with skills fitted for academic careers. This idea is so that everyone can achieve there best if they work towards their goal. I believe that Functionalism has its right and wrong theories and I do agree with them on most things. I don't believe that other society's should be told what you as a society have agreed to as everyone has different beliefs and will stand up for what the believe in. ...read more.

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