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What Makes a Criminal?

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What Makes a Criminal? Genetics is the most argued point of criminology today. Some believe that genetics cause people to commit crimes. People research to find out if a certain chromosome combination will automatically will make you a criminal or not. If this is true you could see even before your child was born if it would be a criminal in society. These studies proved very successful. Here are some outcomes of the geneticist and their lab studies : One of the most used theories of why criminals commit crimes is the person's ability to commit crime is pre-determined. If that is so criminals have no choice of what they do. Some of the genetic abnormalities that would make someone pre-determined would be the XYY chromosomal structure (Not effective in women, just men). ...read more.


Therefore a person may carry the disease and it may not show for many generations and suddenly show up in someone. You can never tell unless you study the genes and DNA very closely. If genetics doesn't control crime what does? Most of the criminologist today still believe the same thing that was thought when we first started to look into crime. It's the environment and nothing else. Genetics has no play, because if you are never introduced to a life of crime you wont know what crime is, and wont be able to commit crime, but if you grow up in a house of crime they are going to comment crime due to the fact that all they know is crime and wont be able to do anything but that. ...read more.


The answer that most studies conclude is that of yes it does affect the way we act, but in 99% of the studies done to this day it only works in boys not in girls. Still today the scientist are trying to figure out why this is and how to find out if there is a way to curb it in them. Current government funding is limiting the amount of money that the scientist get, thus we need more funding in order to find the solution to crime throughout the world. Currently the only thing that is solving problems is education and finding good homes for these kids to live in, if this is helping that does conclude that the environment has some play in the affects of crime, to find out more on what affects crime visit Is it Genetic to see more. ...read more.

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