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Why were the police unable to catch jack the ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch jack the ripper? There were many possible reasons why the police were incapable of catching jack the ripper, one of which could have been because of the media , the media was leading the police to the wrong suspects. Jack the ripper was very clever as he left no clues at the scene. His trial stopped after Mary was murdered and there were no more clues or information. The way the bodies of the victims were dissected led the police that only some one with some sort of medical knowledge was to be blamed for the murders. In Whitechapel there were many slaughter houses so it was common for people to have blood on their clothes and there were so many water troughs, so it would have been easy for the murderer to wash the blood of himself. ...read more.


When his description was published he went into hiding. When Annie Chapman was murdered in Spitalfields, the investigation inspectors agreed that both murders of Annie Chapman and Polly Nicholls was committed by the same person. Three days after the murder of Annie Chapman was murder leather apron was arrested, who was John Pizer. John Pizer has alibis for both murders and was soon released but a great deal of police time had been wasted in catching john Pizer. The release of John Pizer did not make things easier, many people started to complain about people behaving strangely, some of them were arrested but all were released, this also wasted police time but the police had to listen to these complaints and do something about them and if they never took any action the media would have took over. ...read more.


Jack the ripper was significant because he was one of the first serial killers but he was the only one to remain popular because he was the first to appear in large metropolis. His killings were published in newspapers everyday until three months after the death of Mary Kelly. Jack the ripper was not the first serial killer , it was the media and the press that created many myths around the murders. jack the ripper may have been a sexual serial killer, which was common in the late nineteenth century. He may He may have mutilated his victims in such ways to get a lot of attention. Ripper was never caught and as a result it was an enjoyment for people to try and solve it. It was unclear how many women actually murdered but it was accepted that he killed five women but it is possible that he killed two more victims. ...read more.

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