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Write a team report explaining the nature of the crisis or problem - Discuss the media coverage, cite how the crisis or problem was handled.

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Write a team report explaining the nature of the crisis or problem. Discuss the media coverage, cite how the crisis or problem was handled by the person on the organization staff and critique the way the situation was handled by the media and the organization. Segregation between different ethic groups is common around the world. The tendency of mixing around with one's own race, especially in one's private space, is observable not only in Singapore but also in many other countries. Here in this report, we will look into the issue of racial discrimination in Singapore. What causes the individuals here to feel alienated or under-represented? Is there any possibility of us rising above the differences and appreciate them for what they are? Will the differences become transparent? How the government ensures that the minorities here are given equality with the rest? How did the government handle such situations? Have the government put in enough effort to handle these racial tensions? ...read more.


* Each community was give space to protect its identity and was encourage to understand other communities better. * A symbol begin created to represent our multiracial society that looks like the four interlinked forearms from major racial groups and signs of four languages which are visible everywhere. In the 1980s: * Each community to preserve its own identity but policy makers argued that every communities wanted to preserve and draw the most from its own identity to pass on to the next generation and that the government should not stand in the way. This has brought up the bilingualism policy. * Speak Mandarin Campaign launched follow by Speak English Campaign and eventually a Malay Language Month and a Tamil Language Week. In the 1990s: * Singaporeans moved on to 'shared values' ethnic and religious harmony and the acquisition of mother tongues promoting a 'cultural anchor' and providing 'cultural roots'. * Each community is at liberty to preserve what it deems to be its identity and heritage and at the same time build a common heritage and shared experiences. ...read more.


The strong national identity has still remained important within us and majority support Singapore to have a multi-racial society which allows for ethnicity and representation of ethnic identity. Social Integration cannot be achieved by holding a campaign or relying on the government implementation. It has to come from individual effort. Even though that there is a slight issue within these ethnic groups, we are still united and strong and able to fight against any destruction to protect our own nation. The recent SARs crisis, Fabric of Nation and National Day has definitely showed the strong bond between these four ethnic groups. INDEX: SARS crisis All communities have worked together in fighting against the virus. Fabric of Nation It is a project proposed by Channel NewsAsia to remember this moment in our history. It was conceived as a national activity to get people from all walks of life involved in the making of the country's first national tapestry. Stitch by stitch, patch by patch, each is a symbol of love and a gift of blessing to the country. National Day Celebration The day where all the different ethnics group get together to celebrate Nation's Birthday and success. 1 ...read more.

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